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Will My Azaleas Bloom Again This Season?

Send A Azalea Houseplant Ask the Expert: Do azaleas flower more than once in a season? I have an Azaelea that flowered profusely in April, now flowers have died, but new green leaves are growing, but will this plant flower again this season?

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: Diane,

There is a variety of Azaleas that blooms more than once; it is called the Encore series. If you have this type of azalea it can bloom again in the summer and in the fall. If you do not have this type of azalea it will not bloom again, and you need to prune them before July. If you prune them after July you may not have good blooming next spring.

Hope this helps.


  1. Great information about azaleas, it will be most helpful to many of us Azalea lovers.

  2. We were away & my azalea dried out, I pruned it right back, will it come back in the spring?

  3. Jamie Woods says:

    The only way to really know is to wait until spring. It depends on how much damage the plant sustained.

  4. Thank you Jamie…

  5. I do not have encore azaleas. I noticed today there are several blooms on them. Why are they coming back in july. And will they bloom again in the spring?

  6. Jamie Woods says:

    Hi Debbie,
    Are they re-blooming after you have already pruned them?

  7. Sheila chamberlain says:

    Our azalea bloomed in the spring and is now in bud in November. It is in a small terracotta pot in the garden which is currently surrounded by heavy frost. It is pure white flower not sure of name. Should I cover it or wrap pot in insulation for December as the azalea has been in Cornwall for years but is now in West Sussex.

  8. Jamie Woods says:

    Hi Sheila,
    Since your azalea is potted, you should cover it for the winter or bring it inside if possible. I’m sure insulating the pot won’t hurt. Just keep an eye on it for damage in the form of split bark or dried leaves. Some leaf drop or curling edges is normal. Also keep the plant moist but not soggy, although it shouldn’t need as much water as it does throughout the rest of the year.