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Baby Blue Flowers For Fall Wedding

Ask the Expert: Which flowers for my wedding?
Our colors are chocolate brown, baby blue, and ivory/creme. We are getting married outside in a beautiful almost garden type area towards the end of November, so I was wondering what baby blue or creme colored flowers would be best to use? Jordon

Plant Expert Blog:

Finding true blue flowers anytime of year can be a job.  Finding baby blue flowers can be even a little more difficult.  Don’t worry, I have a suggestion.  Try light blue delphinium. It is a gorgeous flower with multiple blooms per stem.  Delphinium is a flower that is at home in the garden as well as formal arrangements.  So, it will be a perfect choice for your fall wedding. I suggest pairing it with ivory Gerberas.  A bouquet with these flowers will give you a romantic garden feel.

Of course, there are other blue flower options available.  Agapanthus is a beautiful ball of blooms that is very versatile and can be used as a focal flower in your wedding bouquet and reception flowers.  Hydrangeas or light blue iris are fantastic choices.  In fact I have seen a beautiful bouquet that contained iris and white flowers.

You have a few blue accent flower choices as well – Asters, centaurea, campanula, limonium, forget-me-not, and scabiosa.

Cream or ivory flowers are easy to find.  My suggestions would be gerberas, roses, agapanthus, orchids, calla lily, alstroemeria, or snapdragons.

The best advise I can give you is to look through Wedding and Party Network’s photo galley under wedding flowers and wedding bouquets.  See what styles you like, then discuss with your local florist which of my  wedding flower suggestions will give you the look you desire.  The florist may have a few ideas of there own.

Good luck and keep me posted.  Maybe I’ll see your wedding flowers in the WPN photo gallery in November.

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