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FSN Best of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Favorites

6. Express Gratitude with Fall Flowers

Beautiful Fall FlowersThanksgiving Day is the perfect time to brighten the season with fall flowers. The colors alone are enough to bring a smile to a loved one’s face or bring warmth to a cold November day with shades of red, gold, orange, brown and plum. Flowers communicate in ways that other decorations can’t. They say that the day is blessed and the guests or recipients are valued.When you add the natural beauty and aroma of a fall flower arrangement to the aromas associated with Thanksgiving…

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5. All About The Cornucopia – The Horn of Plenty

lush-cornucopia-arrayThe cornucopia is a time-honored symbol of abundance, long associated with Thanksgiving. However, it was symbolic well before this holiday existed. The word ‘cornucopia’ actually dates back to the 5th century BC. It derives from two Latin words: “cornu,” meaning horn (as in the name of that one-horned creature, the “unicorn”) and “copia,” meaning plenty (a relative of such words as “copious” and “copy”). Thus, “cornucopia” literally means horn of plenty

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4. Thanksgiving Card Snippets

18) (Funny) Hoping these will sway your answer to the most important question of the day–Do I have to wear one of those funny pilgrim hats to dinner?

19) Wishing you warm and heartfelt blessings this holiday season.

20) May the turkey be plump and your tummy full. Or is it the other way around? Happy Thanksgiving!

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3. Say Hello To Falls Abundant Beauty

Gratitude With Fall FlowersNeed a gift for a Thanksgiving celebration? Throwing a festive fall party but need something to liven up the decorations? This fall flowers centerpiece is for you. Fall flowers add cheer faster than Uncle Bob’s silly jokes, so fall in love with the Abundant Beauty centerpiece this year. Don’t be surprised if your other decorations get jealous. Candle wreaths are very popular but the “Abundant Beauty” centerpiece adds a great deal to the traditional idea…

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2. Fresh Flower Decorating Tips For Fall

There are a lot of ways to decorate a home for fall. For starters, you’re going to need plenty of fresh flowers. Dried and preserved will work, of course, but there is something sensuous and inviting about fresh flowers. They just start the season off right. Besides, as the leaves begin to fall and the colors burst then fade, you’re going to like having the fresh flowers around as you welcome winter weather into your home.

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1. The Perfect Hostess Gift For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving CenterpieceEvery year I’m invited to an elaborate Thanksgiving party, and must greet the occasion with an air of Southern hospitality. Many people have heard the common rule, “Never arrive to a party empty-handed.” It’s one of those understood rules of etiquette that can be a bit hard to carry out in a unique way for yearly occasions such as Thanksgiving gatherings. However, I recently learned of a very fun and festive gift for the hostess.

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  1. I can hardly wait to start making these beautiful centerpieces. Think I will make and take one of these home tonight!! I have been a member of Flower Shop Network for the past 5 years!!! Looking forward to many more!!! Thanks for all the wonderful info!!!

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