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Here Is Your Next Big Gift Idea

Send A Blooming Plant!

Send A Blooming Plant!

Oh yeah. That’s right. I said BIG gift idea.

While the size of a blooming plant may be small, their stature and status in the gift world is nothing short of grandiose. They’re awesome!

There are many occasions that require sending a gift. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to find something perfect, unique, attractive, etc. When you find yourself staring into space thinking about your next big gift idea, consider these three reasons why you should send a blooming plant.

Blooming Plants Are Practical And Beautiful

Blooming plants are the best of both worlds. They are flowering plants that allow the recipient to enjoy the beauty of colorful blooms with the practicality of a plant. Flower lovers enjoy the mass of blooms that form on the plants while plant lovers enjoy a long-lasting gift.  Speaking of long-lasting…

Blooming Plants Are The Gift That Keeps Giving

Blooming plants bring together the attractive qualities of both flower bouquets and houseplants. Plants are well renowned for lasting quite a bit longer than a bouquet of flowers. While flowers are great gifts in their own right, plants tend to stick around to be enjoyed longer than flowers. Blooming plants offer the recipient a chance to enjoy the beauty of flowers and the durability of plants at the same time.

There Isn’t A Bad Time To Send A Blooming Plant

The occasion is almost irrelevant when sending a flowering plant. Going to a housewarming party? Bring along a blooming housewarming plant. Know someone with a birthday coming up? Blooming plants are especially good for people who have had enough birthdays that now they’re trying to count backwards. Flowering plants acknowledge every occasion with dignity and a splash of color.

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