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Check Out The Birth Month Flower of October

For someone with a birthday in October (like me) it’s important to feel special. I suppose that’s true of all birthday boys and girls but it’s especially true of Libras and as much so of Scorpios. Rather than focus on zodiac flowers–in case you did that last year–focus instead on the birth month flower of October when looking for a unique birthday gift.

The birth month flower of October is marigold (Calendula) which means that it’s super easy to find flowers to go with such a beautiful bloom. Fall flowers like chocolate cosmos, burgundy pincushion, dahlia, dark colored hydrangea, sunflowers, amaranthus and gloriosa are great with marigold. They give a festive feel to the arrangement and are a breath of fresh flowers…er…air.

If you haven’t already discovered the October birth month flower, talk with your local florist about how you can send arrangements containing marigold or inspired by the delightful colors and textures of it. This will be a unique birthday gift for a special someone and will give you a chance to flex your creative muscles. Go on! Be creative!

Just a side note, the flower meaning of marigold (Calendula) is “desire for riches” so you can also use this as part of the theme of your gift. It’s practically the same as wishing someone good fortune, plus you the golden opportunity to use the most beautiful brown, orange and yellow shades in your arrangement. If your birthday boy or girl isn’t a fan of these colors, play it down a little and add some of their favorites. Reds, greens, dark blues, purples and similar earth-toned hues are striking against other popular fall flowers.

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