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Birthday Flowers For Her

At any stage in a relationship there are always appropriate flowers to give for a birthday present. From a couple that has only been on a few dates, to a relationship that has lasted twenty years, you can always find flowers that will make her feel special!

Buying flowers for her can be overwhelming. There are so many different types of flowers and colors to choose from. We have narrowed it down to three of the most popular flowers for a birthday. Out of this list you can choose the right flowers for your relationship. Remember that flowers have a magical way of making people feel loved and special. No matter what you choose, she will appreciate the time and thoughtfulness that went into the birthday gift.

Gerbera daisies

The gerbera daisy signifies cheerfulness and optimism. This fun flower is a great birthday present option if you are happy in your relationship and excited about its future potential. You can even pick out blooms in her favorite color with this flower since there are so many options.

Peachy Gerbera Daisy Bouquet

Red roses

A classic arrangement of 12 or 24 red roses is a great option for a long-term relationship. Red roses mean “I love you” and are typically given in committed relationships. Even the number of roses you send can hold a special meaning. (Click here to learn more.) Red roses are also a great opportunity for you to express your love on her birthday if your relationship is ready to take the next step.


The lily has several different meanings depending on the color which makes this flower a great gifting option. A white lily symbolizes modesty and innocence, an orange lily symbolizes passion, a yellow lily symbolizes happiness, and a lily of the valley symbolizes sweetness. Yellow lilies are great gifts for new relationships. Show your significant other how happy they make you with a birthday arrangement of yellow lilies.


You can never go wrong with adding a little something extra to go with your flower arrangement. A basket of cookies, chocolates, balloons, or fresh fruit are great options that she will love.


Find a florist near you to order the perfect birthday flowers for her!

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  1. That’s so neat that yellow lilies symbolize happiness and can show your friend how happy your relationship makes you. My friend’s birthday is coming up, but I wouldn’t want to get anything too romantic like roses. Lilies seem perfect and yellow is her favorite color!

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