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Is This A Bromeliad Guzmania lingulata major?

Coletta asks:

i have been trying to locate a plant that i got at a local grocery store and i THINK i found it on your site… it was very diffuclut to find because i didnt know the name of the plant. the name of the plant i believe is the plant that i am despertly trying to find is BROMELIAD GUZMANIA LINGULATA MAJOR…i very much looks like the plant but i would need a close-up picture of the plant to be sure. the only things i know about the plant i had is that it was a tropical non-flowering hard surfaced leaves and it was a plant that came in different colors. the ones i saw were red like pictured on your site, yellow and orange. well i hope you can help me because i really would like to buy a few of the plants and the proper care of them. so if you can get back to me with this information i would be very greatful..thank you

Jamie’s Reply:

Your plant could be the Guzmania lingulata major. It is often seen in florist shops, garden centers, grocery stores, etc. However there are several other varities that could also fit this description. The bromeliad family is quite a diverse family — the pineapple is in this family. These plants do have an inflorescence (bloom) although it may not look like a typical bloom. The Bromeliad will die slowly after the inflorescences is spent. Before the plant dies it will produce one or more “pups” which can be repotted and will grow in to mature plants.The Bromeliad Society International has a wonderful Genera Gallery. Check out the photos in the Genera Gallery and see if your plant looks like any of the other varieties.The Guzmania ligulata major needs moderate light, high humidity and good air movement. Flower Shop Network has a wonder newsletter about Dracaenas and Bromeliads; read more about bromeliads and their care needs. Most florist and nursery garden centers will be more familiar with this plant than a grocery store, so if you want more or maybe even different vairties contact your local florist shop or nursery garden center. I have grown bromeliads in my home and sold them at my husband’s garden center. Every person I have ever introduced to bromeliads has had great luck with them because they are so easy to take care of. Hope this helps.

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