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Brown Spots On Peace Lily Blooms

Ask the Expert: How do you care for the peace lily flower?
I keep my peace lily near a sliding glass door which has an overhang on the outside which provides indirect lighting. The soil is kept damp to the touch. The flowers on the peace lily never open fully,develop a brown spot on it and eventually dies.

The leaves are green and healthy.
What am I doing wrong? Jacquie

Plant Expert Reply:

It sounds as if your are caring for your peace lily plant properly.  Peace lilies need a humid environment.  Lack of humidity could cause the blooms to turn brown and not open.   So, I would start misting your plant every other day.  If this doesn’t correct the problem, we will need to explore the possiblity of some fungal or disease issue.  A photo of the problems can help us pin point the problem.  Good luck and keep me posted.


  1. I have a peace plant that I’ve struggled to keep alive. It was huge and had outgrown the pot it was in from the flower shop. I repotted it and was having to water it every 3 days, and the leaves started turning yellow. I split it and repotted it. That seemed to correct this problem and within a week of splitting the plant, it produced a bloom. The bloom, however didn’t open until about 10 days later, after I watered it again. Once it opened, I noticed the tip of the pistol was brown. I’ll try misting the plant between watering and see if it helps. It now has a second bloom, and I’ll keep an eye on it to see if it also turns brown.

  2. Melissa,

    Yes, misting the plant between watering is what I would suggest. Hopefully that works and if not it could be a fungal or disease issue. Keep us posted.

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