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Ceremony To Reception Flowers For Budget-Savvy Brides

Wedding flowers are taking a new shape in the 21st century. Budget-savvy brides want the same gorgeous wedding flowers but aren’t willing to break the bank for them. What they are willing to do is compromise. If you’re a budget-savvy bride or a wedding florist, these tips will help you create the perfect atmosphere for the wedding without losing a beat. Here’s a little information on what we like to call “transitional flowers.”

Transition flowers or transitional flowers are wedding ceremony flowers that can also double as reception flowers. Florists can create specific designs that look beautiful in both places. Double use = fraction of the cost. Examples and design tips are listed below.

Transitional Flowers & Suggested Uses

Tall Altar Arrangements
Tall Altar Flowers

  • Ceremony To Reception — Use these ceremony flowers as buffet table decorations at the reception.
  • Design Tips — These arrangements may need to be designed in a round shape rather than a one-sided style if the tables are circular or two-sided.


Low Unity Candle Arrangements
Unity Candle Flowers

  • Ceremony To Reception — These wedding flowers can double as head table centerpieces.
  • Design Tips — An option for a head table centerpiece is to remove the side tapers or remove all of the candles and replace with flowers.


Standing Candelabras

Standing Candelabra Flowers

  • Ceremony To Reception — These flowers make great cake or head table accents.
  • Design Tips — A suggestion is to change the color of the candles for a unique look.


Altar Candelabra Arrangements
Aisle Candelabra Flowers

  • Ceremony To Reception — These flowers are excellent head table arrangements.
  • Design Tips — Like standing candelabras, these arrangements can be used at the head table but with a different color palette of candles for a unique look.


Aisle Candelabra Arrangements
Altar Candelabra Flowers

  • Ceremony To Reception — These wedding flowers are the perfect guest table centerpieces.
  • Design Tips — Place these arrangements in plant saucers and a table centerpiece is made!


Pew Bows
Pew Bows & Markes

  • Ceremony To Reception — Pew bows make unique table skirt decorations. When bunting table linens, use pew bows as a creative enhancement where each drape creates a point.
  • Design Tips — Simply attach (with pins or other devices) to the table skirts for a fanciful appearance.


Window Sill Arrangements
Mantle Flowers

  • Ceremony To Reception — Have a mantle? Window sill arrangements are beautiful mantle flowers. They are also suitable for one-sided areas such as mantles or pedestals behind the head table.
  • Design Tips — Simply relocate the flower arrangements for a lovely mantle decoration.


Standing Basket or Pedestal Arrangements
Fall Flower Arrangement On A Pedestal

  • Ceremony To Reception — These stand-out flower arrangements are perfect accents for the cake or head table. They can also mark the receiving line.
  • Design Tips — Simple relocate for an inviting decoration. These flowers create an interesting atmosphere as guests wait for cake or to congratulate the new couple.


Bridesmaids Bouquets (Drop Bouquets)
Wedding Bouquet Centerpieces

  • Ceremony To Reception — Drop these in a clear or unique vase for beautiful guest table centerpieces.
  • Design Tips — Place hand tied bouquets in clear vases and surround the base of the vases with river rocks, glass marbles, colorful chargers, or another accent that complements the color of the bouquets.


  1. Some great design tips here for wedding flowers, Its important to get your wedding flowers right it can create such a wonderful atmosphere for the venue.

    Some for tips on wedding flowers can be found here http://drakealgar.wordpress.com/2010/07/02/flowers-on-your-wedding-day/

    Attached Image: Wedding Rose Dome.jpg

  2. Magicien Loire says:

    It’s a simple idea, I adore it.

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