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Help! I Butchered My Peace Lily

Ask The Expert: I split and transplanted my peace lilly plant.    It didn’t do well so I cut it way back and now it isn’t growing at all.    Will it ever grow back, or should I throw it out?     How do you start new plants if you want to start from some slips? M Moe

Plant Expert Reply:

Have you or a friend ever died your/their hair, decided it wasn’t just right and then cut your/their hair off to correct the bad dye job, only to be further frustrated by the time it takes for the hair to grow back? I ask because at some point in all our lives this scenario has happened.  What is the one thing that could have prevent all the problems? PATIENCE.

Patience is what your peace lily needs. After you split and transplant a peace lily, it will look a little rough. Provided you didn’t plant the peace lily too deep, it will rebound and form new growth in a few weeks.

If you cut all of the peace lily foliage off, the plant will struggle to complete the photosynthesis process which all plants need to survive.  This doesn’t mean that the peace lily won’t survive.  It does mean that the road to health and beauty will be much longer. Again, it will need patience.

As long as the plant has not turned black, mushy or smell, it should form new leaves and recover.  Make sure the roots stay moist but not soggy. The plant will not use as much water as it did when it had leaves.  You can give it a light solution of vitamin b1 or fertilizer to help stimulate growth.  Be careful not to give it too much fertilizer since the plant is already stressed.

The way to propagate peace lilies effectively is by splitting them.  As long as the piece you separate from the mother plant has a good root system and healthy foliage, it can be planted to start a new peace lily.

So give your peace lily a little time.  You may be pleasantly surprised in a couple weeks with new healthy foliage. Good luck and keep me posted.  If your plant doesn’t make it you can always order a peace lily from your local florist.

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