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Calla Lily Can It Make Your Wife Happy?

Last week I was eating lunch with my husband, when one of his co-workers asked me if I knew what stage of pregnancy his wife was in. I said “about 7 months”. He shook his head no and replied, “I can do nothing right and she complaints that she’s fat and ugly”. I told him to be patient and that I wished I could help.

Sunday I was gazing at my garden when it came to me. Flowers! Flowers always make me happy. Then I had a real epiphany when I saw the Calla Lilies in my garden. He needed to send his wife Callas and the card could say “the flower of beauty for the beauty in my life.”

When you look up Calla Lily under flower meanings, it means beauty. Not only does Calla mean beauty; it is the essence of beauty with its velvety blossom and solid silhouette. In flower arrangements, it can be used to create a straight or curved line. Calla Lilies are also used to create form in a flower arrangement. Bloom size can range from 1″ to 6″ with stems 8″ to 30″ long. Calla Lillies are like a confident girl — standing proud and tall by themselves or mixing harmoniously with other flowers. Most people assume Callas are white only, however they come in shades of red, yellow, green, pink, purple and orange as well. The most appealing quality that a Calla Lily has as a cut flower is it’s long shelf life. Calla Lilies will last for a couple of weeks in a flower arrangement if taken care of properly.

The next time someone you know needs a little beauty in their life send them a Calla Lily bouquet. I’m having a bad hair day … hmm… maybe I need a Calla Lily flower arrangement.
callasm.jpg calla lily calla1.jpg Calla lilies from my garden

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