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Need Calla Lily Care & Handling Tips?

Nita Asks:

Do have “care and handling tips for calla lilies”? How well they hold in a bouquet? Do they turn brown tips quickly out of water?

Brock’s Reply: Callas should be prepped as any other flower as far as cut, and placed in water containing hydration and food solution. They do not like an extremely cold cooler. They have excellent vase life, but don’t hold as well in foam. When you mention bouquet, if you mean a wedding bouquet, they certainly will hold long enough for the wedding and other events. Most of the time they are just tied together as stems for bouquets. Callas will eventually turn brown on the tips. The key to using callas is to buy them very fresh or tight. You don’t want callas that have sat at the wholesale house for several days before you get them.


  1. Barbara Hieght says:

    Hello in there, in there ,inthereintherrrrrrrr…

    Is any one there?

    Hi, Im smiling at my own silliness, please bear with me…..

    I have lilies, Asiatic,hybrids and some Aurreluems In Northern Vermont a zone 3 … Should I lift them for the winter? or heavy mulch…. I am new to the area. thankyou.. B.H.

  2. Barbara,

    There are several species of Asiatic lilies all are hardy in zone 3. Although they are hardy I would mulch the area for winter. Below are the species and their hardiness zones

    Lilium bulbiferum (orange lily) z 3-8
    Lilium cernuum (nodding lily) z 2-6
    Lilium concolor (Morning star lily) z 3-8
    Lilium davidii z 3-8
    Lilium lancifolium (Tiger lily) z 2-7
    Lilium maculatum z 3-8

    The Aurelian lily contains three species. One of the species is hardy the other two are not.

    Lilium henryi is hardy since it handiness range is 2 -7.
    Lilium regale (Regal Lily) is borderline since it’s hardiness zone is 4-7.

    If you are not sure which type you have, I would lift them for the winter.
    Lilium Sargentiae is not since it’s hardiness zone is 6-8.

  3. i have an indoor potted calla lily that i replanted after a rest. i have multiple greens growing but why no flowers?

  4. Jamie Woods says:

    There are usually three things that keep callas from blooming, too much nitrogen, lack of water, or lack of sun. Try a fertilizer that is higher in phosphorus than nitrogen and see if this helps.


  1. Joseph says:


    I always enjoy coming to this site because you offer great tips and advice for people like me who can always use a few good pointers. I will be getting my friends to pop around fairly soon….