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Can lucky bamboo be repotted?

I have some very lucky Lucky Bamboo. My neighbor gave me 4 little pots of the bamboo 5 years ago..now they are 5 pots. ALL I have ever done is keep them topped off with bottled water…they are in a garden window facing southwest. They are thriving..but the roots are growing out the top of the  little pots…all of them are completely full of root. I did move one tall curly guy downstairs because he got too tall for the window. I don\’t want to lose them, but they need to be repotted, and probably given some food once in a while. They are in containers between 1 1/2\” to 3 1/2\”…I am amazed they have flourished for so long with so little attention..but I love them. Any suggestions? Thank you, Cheri Moore


  1. Cheri,

    The simplest thing is to repot them. Try a container about twice the size it is now. Lucky bamboo is like every other plant — when it out grows it’s container it must be repotted. The only other alternative is to propagate new plants off the old one and start over.

  2. Can you cut the leaves off and have more leaves grow from the old stalks?

  3. Aynsley Broom says:

    Hi Sara,
    Yes, you can cut the leaves and it will propagate new plants. You can read more about it here: https://www.flowershopnetwork.com/blog/lucky-bamboo-care-answered/

  4. Salimah lee says:

    I transferred my bamboo from water to soil two years ago
    Now it’s grown so tall I don’t know how to re-pot it. It’s beginning to lean.

  5. Jeffrey Balch says:

    With it being so tall, I would actually recommend either cutting it back, or start a brand new plant with your clippings! Read more here: https://www.flowershopnetwork.com/blog/topping-rooting-lucky-bamboo/