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What is this Plant with Red Leaves and Flower?


Ask The Plant Expert: What is this plant called?
Can anyone tell me what this tree or shrub is called?


Plant Expert Reply:

This plant is a type of Sumac. There are 250 species in this genus (Rhus). I am not sure exactly which of those can claim this particular plant. Some of the species in this genus can be poisonous like Rhus toxicodendron (Poison Ivy) or Rhus vernix (Poison Sumac) while others are used as a cooking spice. You might want to take a leaf to your local garden center or extension service to make a positive id.

Can You Identify These 5 Mystery Plants?

Ask the Plant Expert:

5 Mystery Plantshi there,

I inherited these plants from a neighbor who was getting rid of them and I’d love to know what they are so I can make them a bit healthier.   I looked on your nice identification page, but couldn’t find information on all of them. (Sorry for the bad lighting in the pictures – I can take better photos, if you need.)

I don’t have a green thumb, so please bear with me for some basic questions: I’m assuming they haven’t really ever been repotted – is it okay to just buy a big bag and use the same kind of soil on all of them?  My apartment gets sun, but not a lot, especially in the winter (I live in Berlin), so any ideas you have about which of these should  be in the absolute sunniest places, would be appreciated.  Some last more specific questions:

Mystery plant #1: is tall and completely awkward – any thoughts on how to stabilize it a bit? Mystery plant #2: When I repot this one, should I just weed out that network of old stalks in there? The probably-Dracaena-plant: The leaves look horrible on this one.  I’m not watering it too much, I think – maybe it’s somehow getting too much light? Jade: see the little guy popping up in the corner of the pot?  Is it cool to repot that into its own little pot? Kids gotta leave the house sometime :)

Sorry for so many questions!  Thanks for the help! -Mason

Plant Expert Reply:


Mystery Plant #1 looks like a Schefflera (Brassia Actinophylla) commonly called octopus plant or umbrella tree. The only way to stabilize this plant would be to double the size of the container when you repot it. However, do not bury it any deeper than it is in the current pot. If you go to the Flower Shop Network Schefflera page and scroll down to the care information, you will find light and water instruction for this plant.

Mystery Plant #2 looks like an Aglaomena commonly called Chinese Evergreen, but with the condition of the plant it is  very difficult to be sure I am correct. When you repot this plant definitely cut out any dead or damaged foliage.  If you go to the Flower Shop Network Aglaomena page and scroll down to the care information, you will find light and water instruction for this plant.

Mystery Plant #3 looks like a type of Ficus, but again the condition of the plant makes it difficult to positively identify the plant.

Mystery Plant #4 does appear to be a Dracaena fragrans.

Mystery plant #5 is a Crassula ovate commonly called jade.  You can remove the baby and pot it in its own container.


Hope this information is helpful.






What is this Plant with Leaves Shaped Like an Arrow?

Nephthytis - Arrowhead PlantAsk the Expert: What kind of plant is this

My mother has this plant and we need to know how to take care of it Grizzley

Plant Expert Reply:


The plant seems to be a type of Nephthytis (Syngonium). This plant is commonly called an Arrowhead plant because of the shape of the leaves. I find it to be a fairly easy plant to grow. Here is a link to our care page for Green Nephthytis, it has some more information on the plant.

Green Nephthytis Plant Care

Hope this information is helpful.

What is This Small Ground Cover With Yellow Flowers

Ground COverAsk the Expert:

Please take a look at the small ground cover plant observed in a clear, non-active ag field. It has tiny yellow flowers.

Now, are the dense clustered green and scattered individuals the same?


Plant Expert Reply:


It could be a type of Lysimachia nemorum sometimes referred to as Yellow pimpernel. I can’t see what the yellow flowers look like. Here is a link to what I think it is. Tell me if it looks like your plant.


Identify this Plant Grown from a Seed Found in Palm Springs CA.

Ask The Expert: 

I have attached two pictures of the plant I would like to identify.  The seed or pit was picked up while walking in Palm Springs, CA.  We do not recall what type of plant it came from.  We planted it in a small pot, it sprouted quickly, but have no idea what to do with it next.  Can you help identify this please. Thank you LaVonne

plant-seed-plams springs plant-from-seed-Palm-springsAsk

Plant Expert Reply: I think it is some type of palm, but at this stage I can’t really tell. Maybe someone on the blog will be able to give us a more definitive id.

“Janet Craig” Dracaena ID and Care Instructions

Ask the Expert: what type of plant is this?

I just purchased this plant and I would like to know what it is so I can keep it living. :) Please help, Angel.

Janet Craig Dracaena - Dracaean fragrans

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Is This Plant A Billbergia?

Ask the Expert: What is this plant?

I have been searching several websites trying to find out what this plant is. It blooms only once a year around Jan.-Feb. the leaves are a little prickly. I take it outdoors in the summer. I live in Ohio. Gloria

Plant Expert Reply:

It looks like the plant is blooming. Can you send me a better picture of the bloom? I think this is some type of Bromeliaceae, but I need to see a picture of the bloom.

Gloria’s Reply:

This is a picture of the flowers. Thanks for your help.

Plant Expert Reply:

Thank you for the picture of the bloom. I believe the plant belongs to the family Bromeliaceae and the genus Billbergia. However I am not sure which species. I will place you question and pictures on the blog to see if any of the readers can identify the plant.

I love plant identification questions like this one — where I need a little help from our readers.

So if anyone has a better identification of the plant or knows the species of the plant, PLEASE place your identification or other information in the comments section below.

What Is This Strange, Fragile Succulent?

Ask The Plant Expert:

What is the name of this succulent and is it normal to be so fragile?  Thanks, Jerry

Baby Toes Crassula

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Help! What Is This Plant?

Ask The Plant Expert:

A friend gave me this plant in a plastic bag. And I have no idea how to care for her. I can say she is a very strong plant. -Stacey

Plant Leaves Plant Stalk

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What Is This Houseplant?

Ask The Plant Expert: “Hi, my names is James. I have a plant in my house and I would like you to identify it. I have attached a photo.”

Type of Philodendron

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