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Networker Spring 2010: Social Media And You!

Flower Shop Network’s Networker Spring 2010 will be hitting your door this week. Florists and Social Media is the theme of this edition of The Networker.

Can’t wait! Here’s a sneak peak of The Networker Spring 2010: Florists and Social Media.

Are there topics you would like to see in The Networker? Email your suggestions to TheNetworker@FlowerShopNetwork.com and we’ll send you a Flower Shop Network bag.

The Networker Winter 2010: Sneak Preview

The Networker Winter 2010 issue hits the post office tomorrow. This issue is full of great articles, including the celebration of FlowerShopNetwork’s 10th anniversary.

Other fabulous articles include:

  • 2010 Floral Convention Schedule for March.
  • FlowerShopNetwork & Social Media.
  • How Delivery Confirmations Can Set You Apart From The Competition.
  • Developing A Positive Relationship With Funeral Homes.

If you can’t wait for the postman, go to the-networker-winter-2010

Check Your Mailbox For The Networker Fall 2009

Flower Shop Network’s Fall 2009 edition of The Networker is hitting  post offices this week.  This edition is chalked full of handy tips, ideas from florists across the nation, a look at Generation Y, noteworthy kudos, holiday advertising ideas and exciting 2010 wedding color trends.  If you just can’t wait for the postman, you can check out The Networker Fall 2009 here online.

Are You Ready For The Spring 2009 Networker?

A little heads-up for all our florists – check your mail at the end of the week for The Networker Spring 2009. The highlight this quarter is the collaboration between FlowerShopNetwork.com and FloristWare. Of course, this edition is full of wonderful tips and some interesting ideas. There are a few article dedicated to helping you increase sales and profits. If you want a sneak peak go to The Networker Spring 2009

Have You Read The Winter 2009 Networker?

I just finished reading the Winter 2009 Networker. This issue is chalked full of interesting articles. The outside cover is dedicated to the fantastic new customization features available to members with the FSN E-commerce websites. It contains some fantastic topics like Eco-friendly practices, reaching the modern bride, a design tip featuring horsetail and several other noteworthy ideas and articles. If you miss placed yours or would like to see it online – here it is Networker Winter 2009.

Sneak Preview Of The Networker Vol 1 No 2 Fall 2008

I received a preview of The Networker Vol 1 No 2 today. I found several interesting items including one about how having a Myspace page can help your business. This issue is full of helpful tips, snapshots from recent florists conventions, Boss day tips and an introduction to the new FSN Floral Selection Guide. As always this edition has information about floral trends, marketing insights, new features, new products, informational tidbits and how to market your business. Look for the latest issue of The Networker to hit your mailbox the first week of October.

Secrets are not my thing. My family and friends know that I can’t keep a secret unless someone says to me “you absolutely can’t tell anyone about this”. Then of course I do keep the secret, but it pains me to. I am also the person who will open my Christmas present early because the suspense drives me crazy. So naturally I can’t keep the latest edition of The Networker to myself. So if you are like me, you can have a sneak preview of The Networker Vol 1 No 2 online now – PDF download Networkervol2

Local Florists Acquire New Resource With Flower Shop Network’s The Networker

The Networker, a quarterly publication, from Flower Shop Network was recently launched “as one more way to help the local florist in marketing their business effectively both online and offline,” says Brock Atwill, president of Flower Shop Network.

Most successful businesses have one thing in common and that is great communication skills.Communicating with your peers and your customers is essential to achieving a higher bottom line. Communication is the basis for The Networker.

Floral trends, marketing insights, new features, new products, design techniques, informational tidbits and how to market your business are a few of the features found in the publication which will be mailed to Flower Shop Network members.

“Creating a presence for Flower Shop Network’s local florists online is something we strive for” says Loranne Atwill, FSN Vice-President. “Our marketing services for flower shops includes holiday email campaigns, marketing posters, and information resources like the Bloomin’ Blog and now The Networker.”
Creating tools that help local florists reach and provide quality services for their customers is the goal of Flower Shop Network.If you would like to learn more about this publication or other marketing services offered by Flower Shop Network you can call (870) 215-5444 or go online to Flower Shop Network Florists Only.

Read the first edition of The Networker online now – PDF download.  (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)