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How to Decorate for Fall With Flowers

A new season means new opportunities to decorate. Add a floral centerpiece to your dining room table and a few fall flower arrangements around the living room and it will feel like you have redecorated your home! Here are some easy ways to incorporate beautiful fall flowers and the shades of the season into your home decorations.

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Mosquito Repellent Plants

Get rid of those pesky mosquitoes so you can finally enjoy a nice evening outside! Keep reading to see what natural plants and flowers are pros at keeping mosquitoes away.


Marigolds are known to repel mosquitoes and even rabbits. Marigolds prefer full sunlight so place your potted plants near open entries to your home. Marigolds contain a compound commonly used in insect repellents called, Pyrethrum. Not only will this plant work as a great barrier for your outdoor spaces but it will be beautiful addition to your home.


The sweet scent of lavender is pleasing to our noses but works as a strong deterrent for mosquitoes. This herb is also known to repel fleas and moths. Some people even make their own natural insect repellent with lavender leaves.

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5 Easy Dried Flower Crafts

Don’t throw your flowers away once they start to wilt and lose their luster! There are tons of fun and easy DIY projects you can do with dried flowers. Spruce up your bath time with floral bath bombs or make a decorative shadow box for your home. These projects are perfect to do with younger children and are great for gift-giving. See how you can get creative and start putting your old flowers to use!

1. Bath Bomb

Making a floral bath bomb is actually easier than you think. With baking soda, essential oils, citric acid, flowers, and bath bomb molds you can make your very own bath bombs!

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10 Weird Facts About Peonies

The peony is frequently used in arrangements because of its large beautiful blooms. Despite its popularity there are some weird facts that you may not know about the peony!

You might be surprised at what you learn!

  1. Peonies come in every color but blue.
  2. Peony plants can live to be 100 years and still produce flowers in optimal conditions.
  3. The pink flowers are more fragrant than the maroon flowers.
  4. The root and seed of the peony was frequently used in the past for treatment of headache and asthma and to relieve pain associated with childbirth.
  5. Peonies require extra potassium for stem strength and disease resistance.
  6. Partially cooked and sweetened petals of peony are consumed as dessert in China.
  7. Peony is state flower of Indiana.
  8. Peonies are known as Northern flowers because they prefer  harsh winter temperatures.
  9. Peony blooms from late spring to early summer.
  10. Peony signifies wealth, elegance, romance and honor.

Every flower is truly so unique! Have peonies on the mind now? Call your local florist to enjoy a beautiful arrangement of pink peonies for your home!

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Allergy Friendly Flowers

If you suffer from allergies you probably tend to shy away from purchasing fresh cut flowers for your home. What many people don’t know though is that there are actually some flowers with very low pollen levels that won’t trigger the itchy eyes and a runny nose. See what flowers are safe for your home and which ones you should be avoiding!

Allergy Friendly

Allergy friendly flowers are actually more common than you think. This list is full of very commonly used, gorgeous flowers that are popular in every local flower shop!

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When to Send A Woman Flowers

Flowers have magical powers that can turn a woman’s day around in an instant. Many women though only receive this special, beautiful gift once a year, maybe twice if they are lucky!

Don’t worry men! We know that sending flowers can seem like an overwhelming task, but we are here to help you out. Sending flowers to your significant other on a day other than your anniversary or Valentine’s Day can really help strengthen a relationship. Take a look at the list below. It shows five times throughout the year you can send a woman flowers without a special occasion. She will be blown away by your thoughtfulness!

1) To Help Ask For Forgiveness
You have said you are sorry but she still seems to be upset. Most likely this is because she just needs time to get over it. A nice way to help her find forgiveness in her heart is through a thoughtful gift. When she sees a dozen beautiful roses waiting on her desk in the morning she will think fondly of you and have a smile on her face. Remember though that sending flowers will suffice if you have not apologized in person.

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Find Your Fortune With Flowers

Do you believe in superstitions? It has been said that superstitions are the brain’s rational way of dealing with incomplete information. Superstitions live on because they have been passed down from generation to generation. Beliefs people have about flowers and their magic are still common today. Some even believe that certain flowers can tell one’s fortune.

Put the superstitions to the test and see if your fortune comes true!



Daffodils are considered to be the flower of luck. A flower arrangement with twelve daffodils is said to bring luck for twelve months!

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Extend the Life of Your Arrangement

It is so sad when a beautiful flower arrangement starts to wilt. Slow down this process and keep your flowers looking fresh longer with these expert flower care tips. There are many simple things you can do to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible. Try out these handy tips from our florists and see if your flowers last longer!

Mist your flowers
Keep your flowers hydrated and happy by giving them a mist every few hours.

Avoid the light
After flowers have been cut, sunlight speeds up the process of their decay. Keep your arrangement away from windowsills or direct sunlight so they will stay looking fresh.

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Buy Yourself Flowers – You Deserve It!

Flowers are not reserved for holidays and special occasions, but are used to celebrate life! Give yourself a pat on the back by buying yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Before you brush off the idea, skim through this list of reasons why you deserve flowers and try to think of the last time you did something special for yourself to lift your spirits.

1) You work hard
It took hard work and dedication to get where you are today. Whether it was long nights at the office, staying up with a newborn child, or saving money to buy a new house, be proud of your current situation how you got there.

2) You have conquered challenges
Life always comes with twists, turns and trials that are usually unexpected. You have not only survived but have conquered every challenge that has come your way. This type of perseverance deserves special recognition.

3) You need to celebrate yourself
In the busyness of life we often forget to stop and think about all of the wonderful things we have accomplished. You deserve to celebrate yourself for the many things you have achieved in your family, career, and life.

4) Give yourself motivation for the days to come
Prepare for the difficult weeks in life by giving yourself some inspiration. Every time you look at your beautiful bouquet of flowers your motivation to tackle the day will increase.

5) You deserve to be happy
You don’t need someone else to raise your self-esteem or lift your spirits. You just need to realize that you are special and deserve to feel happy. Buying yourself flowers is the perfect way to practice self-love.

Don’t wait until your birthday or a holiday to splurge on yourself, there are so many reasons why you deserve to send yourself flowers today! Find a florist near you to order your beautiful bouquet.

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Your Guide to Graduation Flowers

Graduation is a milestone event that is celebrated by family and friends. This special occasion calls for a special gift. What better way to say congratulations to a loved one than with a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about graduation flowers. Hopefully these answers will guide you in the right direction to create a lasting memory for a loved one.

1. When should I give the flowers?
If you are attending the graduation ceremony give the flowers right after the ceremony ends. Right after the ceremony everyone will be rushing to see their graduate. Among the hugs and the tears, your flowers will stand out in the crowd. If you are only attending the graduation party then give the flowers during the party.

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