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Celebrate Thanksgiving with Flowers!

Yes, to most, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but Thanksgiving takes the cake in my book! Why? Thanksgiving is a time of celebration of all the things that we are grateful for; honestly, we should show gratitude every day of the year, but the point is, this is a day for us to appreciate all that we have in life – good or bad. So, here’s how you can celebrate with flowers!

Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements



Through the years cornucopia has become a Thanksgiving emblem. It is known by many as the “horn of plenty,” which goes perfectly with this holiday season since it is all about gratitude of all that is abundant in our lives.







Next to the cornucopia is the traditional holiday centerpiece with candles. This is the perfect piece to bring to a family dinner, you know, ’cause you don’t want to arrive empty-handed.









Show that you are grateful for someone’s friendship, support, and love by sending them a fall themed arrangement! You honestly can’t go wrong with sending a classic vase arrangement because it can be displayed in a variety of places such as the home or office. So, if you think the centerpiece or cornucopia¬†are not good options, go for the classic!


There is a gorgeous variety of blooms to choose from this fall season! Call your local florist today and have them create a beautiful floral piece that communicates the message of gratitude you are trying to send someone or a gorgeous piece to display at home!

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