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Celebrating Veterans Day

Veterans Day 2011

When we think November, giving thanks usually comes to mind. Sure, there’s Thanksgiving… but there is a holiday before then that deserves more ‘thanks’ than we can ever give — Veterans Day. (November 11, 2011)

Veterans Day is the official day set aside to thank and remember all of our selfless, heroic veterans for the sacrifices they made in their lives to protect our freedom. Unlike Memorial Day, where we remember our lost heros, Veteran’s Day is for us to thank and celebrate ALL veterans, living or dead, wartime and peacetime.

How To Celebrate Veterans Day

  • Attend a Veteran’s Day program, concert or parade.
  • Wear a red, white and blue corsage or boutonniere.
  • Take a moment of silence at noon, on November 11, to honorably remember those who served and died.
  • Place red flowers, such as roses or carnations, or a red, white and blue bouquet at your local military memorials and monuments.
  • Contribute to a Veteran’s Day ceremony in your community.
  • Place a Veteran’s Day ‘thank you’ ad in your local newspapers, community newsletters or church flyers.
  • Encourage educators, businesses and community leaders to visibly support Veteran’s on their special day.
  • Adopt a Veteran’s grave in your community. With the permission of the person’s family or the cemetery, visit and take care of the grave. You could maintain headstone and place flowers at the site. (See: tips for cleaning and preserving headstone monuments)
  • Visit local nursing homes and VA hospitals to spend time with veterans.
  • Write to veterans in service or retired.
  • Purchase a Veteran’s Day Buddy Poppy from a local veteran.
  • Make donations via veteran help websites such as returnthefavor.org or go the extra mile and adopt a soldier via soldiersangels.org.
  • Print Veteran’s Day posters to help raise awareness of our veterans.
  • Fly a flag at your home to show your support.
  • Visit a museum to learn more about your local military history.
  • It’s good to teach children the importance of celebrating Veterans Day, as well as our soldiers and heros. Let your children write thank you notes and visit local VA hospitals.
  • If you know a veteran, send them a big bouquet of patriotic flowers to say thanks!

The easiest way to celebrate Veteran’s Day is to simply say, “Thank You” to our soldiers.

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