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Quick and Easy Flower Decorating Ideas For Thanksgiving

Harvest Halo Fall Centerpice

Harvest Halo Fall Centerpice

Since Thanksgiving is only a few days away, here are a few quick and easy ideas for decorating your house with flowers. With a dash of creativity and the help of a local florist, these simple flower decorating tips will your guests making plans to celebrate at your house next year.

1.  Decorate the mantelpiece with colorful fall flowers.

When your loved ones gather around the fire, everyone will love the way that the light of the fire accentuates the beautiful shades of your amber, red, brown and burgundy fall flowers. A few miniature pumpkins and gourds will give this mantelpiece a finishing touch that can be carried over through the rest of the fall season.

2.  Liven up the dinner table

with a Thanksgiving centerpiece from your local florist. Having your florist create a colorful centerpiece saves you time and effort but still allows you to add some personal touches once you arrive at home.

3. Places Overlooked

Hallway tables, unobtrusive corners and other places are often overlooked. This Thanksgiving, turn your whole house into the place to celebrate by brightening these nooks with arrangements of fall flowers or buying a houseplant from a local flower shop.

4. More Than Centerpieces

Where tablecloths and runners begin the decorations of the food table, finish it off with a few vines of ivy or ask your local florist to create an elongated floral centerpiece. The dimensions of these will draw the eye to the ends of the table, giving the mind a chance to enjoy a glance at the many delicious foods.

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