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Here Are Some Fun Christmas Card Messages for Children

Children are the greatest part of life, pure and simple. Everything about them is adorable. Stressful at times, but their constant love and innocence is so endearing that it’s hard to live without that influence. One of the best things about Christmas is watching children open their gifts. Their little faces light up. To watch this is like being blessed with a tiny little angel for a few moments. Whether a parent or not, it is impossible not to love the way that children react on Christmas Day.

Precious moments under the Christmas tree make giving Christmas gifts to children all the more pleasant. Many choose to send flowers to nieces, nephews or grandchildren that live too far away for a holiday visit. Some send Christmas flowers to kids at school for a special treat before the holiday break.

Whatever the reason, it is best to have the right enclosure card message. Even if you can’t see their tiny little face, knowing that they are reading the perfect card message makes it easy to envision their smiles and laughing eyes. Local florists want to make sure that you get this special moment and have chosen these as their favorite Christmas card messages for children.

Top Fun Christmas Card Messages for Children

1)      From Santa

2)      From Rudolph

3)      Can you take care of these for me? The North Pole is too cold. Be there on Christmas Eve to collect them. ~ Santa  P.S. Loved the milk and cookies last year!

4)      Loved the milk and cookies! ~ Santa

5)      Merry Christmas from someone that loves you

View all Christmas enclosure card messages for children. Merrily brought to you by Flower Shop Network.

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