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Christmas Flower Arrangements Enjoyed By A Flower Stalker

I constantly search the Internet, magazines, hotels, restaurants and even peoples’ homes for interesting flowers and flower arrangements. I’m somewhat of a flower stalker. Lucky, no one has taken out a restraining order yet. So, when I finally had time to read the Flower Chat blog post for the last couple of weeks, I was delight to see – Local florists offer unique flower arrangements for Christmas. I am always amazed with the creative talents of florists; their ability to enhance the beauty of an already gorgeous flower; their ability to use flowers, greenery, ribbon and other materials to create a magnificent floral sculptures. The florists who submitted photos of their floral designs for the post were no exception.

I loved the Glittering Christmas Flower Arrangement Glittering Christmas arrangement from Everyday Flowers, a Tustin California florist. The use of cut limes and lemons, miniature apples, lisanthus and cymbidium orchids paired with pinecones, hypericum, eucalyptus and other Christmas greens definitely put a unique and exquisite twist to their Christmas flower arrangement.

Central Square Florist, creating flower arrangements in Cambridge Massachusetts, demonstrated the artistry of creating a “floral sculpture” with their Holiday Tree Centerpiece Holiday Tree Centerpiece Christmas Flower Arrangment. This design is a fantastic way to display a “Christmas Tree”; especially, if you lack the room for a life size one. The best part is you won’t have to decorate it.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the Christmas flower arrangement designs submitted by all of the florists. Pictures of Christmas flower arrangements are wonderful resources for ideas and a pleasure to look at as well. Sharing design ideas is an advantage for those of us involved in the flower community. If you want to share some of your personal designs or photos of flower arrangements you have enjoyed, drop me a line.


  1. Thanks for the post – what beautiful arrangements! I\’ve always loved beautiful flowers, but am better at growing them than arranging them into works of art… One of the treats to myself during the hectic holiday season is to stop into local florists to check out their lovely displays and pick out something special for my holiday table centerpiece. Even better because I love to support my local businesses.

  2. I am so amazed on the talent that people have when it comes to designing a floral arrangement. I think the pics you have displayed are very preaty

  3. online payday advance says:

    If you go to a great fresh flower market, and buy a bunch of spring flower arrabgements./ you can make a beautiful arrangement for yourself. I love lilly’s, and gerber Daisey’s. Love the green leafs, and spring look, enen maybe a sunflower (but only one) they get a little pertensious. Good luck, make one yourself, you will never go back to buying made arrangements.

  4. I remember first buying the christmas flowers few years ago. Christmas is really a great day for lots of people. There is happiness all around and no one have hard feelings for the other one. Yeah I agree that you can express your feelings through only flowers

  5. Pi TASARIM says:

    hi .. Thanks for the post – what beautiful arrangements! I’ve always loved beautiful flowers

  6. Manila Flowers says:

    I didn’t thought that stalking could become a talent-giver (if there’s such a word). Surfing the web now is a great tool for discovering new things and flower arranging is one of it.

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