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10 Easy Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

10 Easy Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier ever year. If you haven’t already got your tree up, here are a few easy tips to make your Christmas tree look extraordinary.

  • ‘Fluff’ all of the limbs on your tree. If your tree is fake, take the time to ungroup all of the branches on every limb, try to fill in every hole. Yes it takes time, but it will make your fake tree look fuller, and more real-to-life.
  • Extra ‘fluff’ the bottom limbs. Don’t let your tree just cut off at the bottom, pull branches down with limbs pointing slightly upward to make it look rounded and natural.
  • Inside out. Add shiny, ‘filler’ ornaments to the inside first to make it look more full.
  • Let ornaments hang. Do your best to let your ornaments hang naturally and not get caught up on limbs below. Even if you have to adjust the wire-branches around each ornament, it will look much better than if it was stuck on a branch. Also, the branches you adjust will fill in more holes.
  • Adjust ornaments with faces. If you have ornaments with faces, point them in a natural position. Example: little bird clip-ons – adjust the wire in the tree branches to have them sitting straight and looking in the direction you want.
  • Use garland in new ways. Garland doesn’t have to be the same old tinsel wrapped around the tree over and over again. Try using beads, ribbon, pearls, etc instead of traditional garland. Hang it in new ways, such as vertically down the tree, or weave it in-and-out in big loops.
  • Spread out color. Don’t clump all your colors together, be sure to spread them out as evenly as possible. Stand back and look before adding new ornaments.
  • More than a star. The tops of Christmas trees are becoming more and more elaborate. Instead of a star this year, use a big, velvet bow, or silk flowers.
  • Add pizazz. Christmas tree decorations are more than just ornaments these days. Use silk flowers, tissue, feathers and other festive holiday picks. Be sure to spread them out evenly.
  • Never too much of a good thing. You can never have too many ornaments! If all your branches are full, but you’ve got more, keep going! Make it work!

If you REALLY want to take your Christmas decorating to the next level, give your local florist a call. You can find the best in Christmas decor, they can give you fantastic, personalized advice, and will even come to your house and do your decorating for you! It can’t get easier than THAT!


  1. James Bergman says:

    I will have to remember to put my shiny ornaments on the inside next year when I decorate my tree. It is something I have never tried. I focus more on making my tree unique rather than beautiful. My kids like it better that way, but I am always a little jealous of people with perfect trees. Oh well, next year I will try harder to make the decorations match and decorate inside out.

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