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Out With The Old In With The Hues!

Florist Color Trends For 2011

Bright and Bold

2011 is citing exotic elements of luxurious artistry in foreign lands like Africa, India, Peru and Turkey as inspiration for this years color trends.  These color pallets are BRIGHT and bold! As shown below, tropical, fun and whimsical sets the overall tone for a year of color indulgence.  The intense and radiant colors like apple green or clementine orange are best showcased when in contrast with the neutral colors of these selections like slate gray or smokey navy blue.

Colors shown above from left to right*: apple green, mauve, lilac, hot pink, slate gray, celadon, aged gold, coral, red, violet purple, mocha or chocolate brown, navy,  pine green, clementine orange, and yellow.

Neon Splash Bouquet Birthday Confetti Bouquet Pot of Posies Flower Arrangement

Masculine and Earthy

If your design calls for something a little more masculine then these vintage, earthy and sun-washed colors are sure to provide a solution.
Gray is the “it” color, but mocha is sure to return to one of the top favorites, along with orange and triad hues of green for an eco-nomic/urban color scheme.

However you choose to combine these palettes, they are sure to add visual interest and creative value to all your floral arrangements and designs.

Masculine & Earthy Hues
Colors above shown from left to right*: dark chocolate, dark charcoal gray, sangria/brick red, myrtle (dark) green, dark tangerine, dark chestnut, asparagus, Tyrian purple, dark midnight green, deep blue, Persian green, mocha taupe, agate blue, amazon green, scallop shell, moccasin, olivine green, khaki, carrot orange, oyster gray, gray taupe, and antique white.

Fall Flirtation Vase ArrangementOh Happy Day Father Knows Best

* color names may differ per source.

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  1. I appreciate the Networker magazine and the color trends for 2011 is very helpful for my customers. Thank You, Kelley

  2. It’ll be interesting to see what continues this next year: The customers definitely tell you what they want. I appreciate the rich, earthy textures and anything that touches back to nature – and I think a lot of customers do too.

    Attached Image: elizabeth-18.jpg

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