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The Colors of Fall – Trends for 2012

Possibly the most beautiful season of all, the colors of autumn are something we look forward to all year. The rustic reds, dusty oranges, and saffron yellows tantalize our senses like no other hues. However, it’s often the POP of accent color that takes everyone by surprise.

Last year, a washed-denim blue was a popular favorite. It was everywhere you would see fall color — wedding flowers, fashion trends, and especially home decor. This fall, blue is back but in even more colors and shades. You will also see a lot of unexpected colors, such as: lime greens, purples, magentas and other jewel tones.

2012 Fall Flower Color Trends

Let’s take a look at a few fashion-inspired color palettes you can use for your fall flowers and decorating.
(4Florists: Create and promote designs using these trendy colors and you’ll do more than turn a few heads this fall!)

Early Fall - Fall color trends Contemporary Autumn Flowers

Early Fall

The colors of early fall give re-energize us and get us excited for the season to come. In the color palette above, you see an abundance of bright greens and yellows, just like the first stages of the changing leaves. Pops of rusty brown and burgundy really make this color scheme a big trend for the season.

 Autumn Decent - Fall color trends

Autumn Decent

This is perhaps the most traditional fall color palette of our showcase today. Autumn Decent is perfect for early fall. It’s dusty and dark greens are mixed with the colors of newly-changing leaves: yellows and oranges. A flower arrangement in this fall color scheme would set the tone for the new season.

Fall Flowers Burlap Fall

Burlap Fall

Of all the popular fall accessories in recent years, burlap is a long-standing favorite. It stems back to the days of Harvest when burlap sacks were used. This color scheme is a bit brighter than many fall palettes. Imagine yellow and orange roses accented with sprays of wheat arranged in a dark orange container and wrapped in burlap fabric.

Jewels of Autumn - Fall color trends Autumn Jewels Flowers

Jewels of Autumn

One of the biggest color trends of 2012 was the use of deep jewel tones, especially purple. This trend is set to continue into the new year, and of course, be huge for fall! In the palette above, we’ve combined monochromatic jewel tones of purple, red and burgundy, with a powdery periwinkle and foamy green. (Florists: For the periwinkle, think Eryngium or dusty miller filler foliages.)

Amethyst Jewels - Fall Color Trends

Amethyst Jewels

Much like the color palette above, this trendy scheme is filled with purples. From the darkest midnight wine, to a lovely shade of amethyst, you won’t go wrong with purple this autumn season.

Orange and Blue - Fall Color Trends Colorful Thanksgiving Flowers

Orange and Blue

Blue was big last fall, and has not been forgotten this year. Because blue is the direct complement to orange on the color wheel, it’s obvious why it’s made such an impact on our fall decorations. Last year, light blue was trendy way to use this hue, but this year we’ll be seeing blue in all sorts of tones and shades.

Copper and Hydrangea - Color Trends for Fall

Copper and Hydrangea

One of the most unique color schemes I’ve seen this fall is the use of sea foam and aqua colors. The first time you see these sea-like colors mixed with rusty copper, you’ll be hooked too! Hydrangeas in these blue-greens are so lovely.

What Are Your Favorite Fall Color Trends?

Have you been spotting some fab fall color? Share your trend ideas in the comments below! This color trend post was written for flower arrangements, but these trendy fall colors can be used in all sorts of ways, from fashion to home decor.

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