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I Can’t Think of A Corny Joke About Corn Plant

I racked my brain trying to think of something clever for the title of this blurb about corn plant (Dracaena fragrans massangeana) but failed. Whether it has the backing of my corny titles or not, Corn Plant is one of the best gift ideas you could consider when shopping for houseplants. I can’t think of a corny joke but here are three reasons why corn plant is the houseplant you need.

Corn Plant Houseplants

Corn Plant Houseplants

A Plant By Any Other Name Would Sound…Less Like A Delicious Vegetable??

Buying corn plant houseplants can go a long way for the person wanting to give a unique gift. It has a unique name and appearance. More clever people than I can think of funny card messages to go along with a plant called “corn plant.” If you want a gift idea out of left-field, try corn plant houseplants.

Popular Veggie, Popular Plant, Popular Gift Idea

It’s well-known that houseplants are great gift ideas. Many are easy to care for even for beginners. Corn plant is one of those anyone-can-do-it houseplants that requires a small amount of love but provides a large return. If you want a gift that you know will be well received but is unique enough to be remembered, send corn plants.

Corn Plants Provide A Taste of The Tropics

Though not a tropical houseplant, corn plants have that look. Whether growing as an evergreen shrub or a small tree, corn plants have very woody stems and elongated leaves that resemble something you’d see on a California boardwalk. This less traditional appearance makes corn plants perfect for the summer season where tropical plants and flowers are hot hot hot gift ideas.

Want to hear more reasons why corn plant houseplants are fun gifts? Contact your local florist today!

If you own corn plants or have recently sent this gift, please let us know what you think of corn plants by commenting below!

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