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Creating A Casket Blanket

Ask the Expert: I would like to make a casket blanket to drape ove
to drape over the casket and then left on the fresh dirt after to closing of the grave.  I do not want to use chicken wire and scratch the coffin.  Can’t I use crowning glory and just glue the flowers and greenery onto something soft? Suzy

Bloomin Blog Reply:

Although I have never seen one – let alone make one, the term casket blanket does appear in the AFID Guide to Floral Design – Casket Blanket: a floral blanket design of plant materials constructed on heavy fabric and to drape over the casket, usually covering all sides.  Great definition but what does that mean.

I assume that means you can use a fabric like burlap and fasten plant material to it by means of sewing, stapling or gluing. You will probably want to use foliage and flowers that can hold up with out a water source. Hopefully you can create the blanket, shortly before it is needed.

Unfortunately, I can’t be more helpful. However, I am placing this question on our Flower Shop Network Facebook page to see if other florists have a better idea.


  1. the blankets in the early part of this century were made on burlap and the flowers were sewn on by hand. Usually a base of plumosa fern was attachec first to cover the burlap and then the flowers were attached. Lily of the valley was often used in quantity around the egde and flowers such as roses and gardenias were very common. I have never made a blanket but would think that as long as you had a good base,you would be able to glue flowers with oasis cold glue. Florist review published an excellent book a few years ago to celebrate their 100th birthday. It would be a good reference to use. Good luck

  2. Kathleen says:

    A casket blanket is a blanket of flowers draped over the entire casket or an opened casket. Using a casket saddle with oasis foam, one can be made of fresh greens and flowers. Draping over the side and down the front of the casket, completely covering it. An array of flowers can be used since they have a water source. They are beautiful and may be placed in top of the gravesite after buriel.

  3. Lima Veletaloola says:

    Where can I buy the burlap or matting so I can make the blanket flowers for my sister’s coffin?

  4. Jamie Woods says:

    You should be able to find supplies at your local craft store, or anywhere that sells floral supplies. You can also find retailers on FGmarket.com.

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