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Creative Containers: The Secret To Amazing Fresh Flower Gifts

Fresh Flowers In Terracotta Pot

Fresh Flowers In Terracotta Pot

For many years, fresh flowers have been used in celebrating milestones, showing thanks, expressing sympathy and confirming love. Throughout those many years, new and creative ideas have come and gone in fresh flower design. Though the design techniques are ever-changing in the floral industry, containers often seem too stagnant; limited to simple glass vases or plain wicker baskets. However, over the past couple of years, florists have started to explore the use of unique and creative containers as ways to incorporate hobbies, humor, and originality into fresh flower arrangements.

When you send fresh flower arrangements the style depends on the personality of the recipient or the intended purpose. It’s just not manly to send your father a pastel bouquet in a white basket for Father’s Day. However, the same arrangement would excite your grandmother on her birthday.  When choosing a unique container in which to send fresh flowers, think about the recipient. Begin by considering their hobbies or interests and of course the occasion.

Unique Fresh Flower Containers for Women

Fact: Women love flowers. So even if you send a fresh flower arrangement in a glass vase, she will be more than ecstatic. But to really impress, try being a little creative. Many women like to garden and plant flowers in pots, especially in the spring. Most people assume that garden pots can only be used for planting garden flowers. Wrong!

Decorative Vase With Fresh Flwoers

Decorative Vase With Fresh Flowers

Florists frequently use beautiful indoor and outdoor pots to hold fresh flower arrangements. This is a two-for-one gift. The recipient gets to enjoy the vibrant blooms of the fresh flowers and later the pot can be used for a permanent plant or as a piece of home decor.

Another two-for-one idea is to incorporate a hobby or interest in the flower arrangement. Does she like to cook? Discuss with your florist the options of arranging the fresh flowers in a mixing bowl or possibly a decorative tea pitcher. This unique container idea can help make traditional Mother’s Day gifts extra special. These practical, but lovely items, will keep the memory of your gift alive long after the blooms fade.

Even ornamental vases or decorative boxes can be used as fresh flower arrangement containers. Have you found the perfect decorative vase to give as a gift but simply wrapping it seems mundane? Drop it off at your local flower shop and let them embellish it with flowers and deliver it as well. Adding flowers to a gift always adds a unique and luxurious touch. As your personal gift-giving assistant, your florist can help you add that special touch not to mention save you time and stress.

Unique Fresh Flower Containers for Men

Although many men love to receive fresh flowers, sending a man flowers is a perplexing task. After all, the flower arrangement must convey the message you intend while demonstrating a strong manly presence. Not only must the flowers present this manly intensity but so must the container. However, this does open the door for creativity and manly personalization. Begin by considering whether or not this man has any hobbies. Does he like to fish or hunt? Tackle boxes make a great container for a fresh flower arrangement. It doesn’t have to be a large arrangement either. Maybe you want to get him a tackle box but want to add a little something special to it to make it unique. A florist can add a small arrangement in the top of the box, even incorporating lures and bobbers to make it extra manly. Tool boxes can be used in this same manner. For the “tool man” a florist can include small tools in this arrangement as well.

Fresh Flower Containers for the Home

Creative Container

Creative Container

Although sending flowers as gifts is a wonderful idea for birthdays, anniversaries or any other reason, treating yourself to fresh stems is also a marvelous idea. Your local florist can supply you with fresh stems to use in your home. Bunches of lilies or even tropical blooms look great in any room in the house.

Don’t have any vases? No need to worry; anything that can hold water can hold flowers. Even a slender drinking glasses or a Mason jars make great vessels for fresh flowers. Not only is it nice to have fresh flowers around the home, but studies show that they are also mood elevators.

Needing a pick me up? Grab some fresh flowers on your way home. The smile on your face as your place the flowers in your creative container is a good indication that your mood has been elevated. Now you, too, will know what others already know about surrounding oneself with flowers – happiness follows flowers!

So get creative, not only with the containers used to embrace fresh flowers you give as gifts, but also with the fresh flowers you use in the home. Drop by your local florist today and start experimenting with all of the different ways flowers in creative containers can put a smile on someone’s face including yours.

Do you have a creative container idea? Share it with us! Send your creative container ideas and pictures to social@flowershopnetwork.com or add it to the newsletter in the reply box.


  1. I have been using those printed (baby prints) photo boxes for some of our new baby arrangements. The boxes sell for about $2.50 in the craft stores.
    We just line the entire box with cello and the lids stands up on an angle inside the box and we add a plastic basket liner with oasis for the arrangement, maybe a little floral clay on the bottom to stick to the cello liner and sometimes a teddy bear tucked in the box The bear sometimes secures the plastic basket liner arrangement. As far as the perceived value, this one definitely is tops.
    Sorry I don’t have a photo of this one.

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