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Cubicle Dwellers Take Cheer From Flowers

I have spent many an hour in a cubicle. I’ve undergone those Dilbertâ„¢-infused moments where the world seems to be about four feet by four feet and the “earth is round” theory seems invalid at best. Fear not, brave cubicle dwellers. Take heart and take cheer from what I have found to be the freshest solution yet.

I am among those who think that pictures of friends and family help time to pass more smoothly but there is one other thing that returns the mind to fancy. Flower arrangements (my favorites always include carnations) are a breath of fresh air. I especially love receiving flowers at work for my desk. Most ladies and many men are like this. We love the attention, the design and welcome the change to our sometimes stifling containment.

Even if you sit in the corner office (kudos!), there are still times when flowers and plants liven up the place. Jamie J. Adams and I discuss often how the plants in her office are progressing, why they are helpful, and how her extensive nursery background helps her keep them more fresh and lively than any other green thumb.

The simple fact of it is that cubicles and offices need something fresh to keep the creative process rejuvenated. Whether crunching numbers or authoring a novella, every office cubicle needs something pretty to jump-start the mind into refreshing thought.

Know a coworker that needs a little pep in their step? Send some flowers! You’ll love the feeling of helping and he or she will love the reward.

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