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Dads Give Great Gifts Too

The other day I received a gift from my father that can turn even the most devout momma’s girl like me into Daddy’s little girl again. I told my mom about moving into a new office at work. She in turn told my father who surprised me when she came to see me on the first day in that office. Dad by himself was a treat but it was what he brought with him that nearly had me in tears.

A small recap of former posts:  my favorite flower is the standard pink carnation. It is this because this is the flower that dad always sent to my sister and me when we were growing up. He sent a pink carnation for Valentines Day when we were too young for suitors. He would send us pink carnations when he got lonely working away as a paramedic. I’ve loved the delightful flowers ever since.

So here mom comes with a few things for my new home. I’m already stoked to see my dad and their dog who tagged along for a quick visit. When dad walks me to my truck and shows what he’d put in my seat as a “new office” gift, I felt something I haven’t felt in a long time. I was pleased and delighted as well as a bit embarassed by the attention. In other words–I loved it.

I once heard a father say that the gift itself doesn’t matter nearly so much as the fact that it came from his child. “They could give me an empty box and I’d love it.” Well Dad, it works both ways. I knew my gift wasn’t something Daddy picked up from a random bix box store. He took the time to go to the town’s local florist and pick up a carnation for me.

Yeah, he just solidified the pink carnation’s place in my heart forever. See, dads give great gifts too.

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