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The December Anniversary Gift That Will Outdo Them All

Remind your sweetheart of your Perfect Love

Remind your sweetheart of your Perfect Love

Many people see it as kind of a bad thing to have an anniversary in December. With the holidays in full force and so many people strapped for cash from holiday shopping, it gets tough to give someone a gift and not automatically call it an “early Christmas gift.” And for those with a Christmas or Christmas Eve anniversary, my condolences but this great gift idea will help you too!

Want something quirky and creative? Carolers are popular around Christmas time. What if you convinced her to open the door to some carolers only to present her with a singing telegram! How fun! If the singing courier brought chocolates and romantic anniversary flowers to present to her, you’d be set for the evening!

While this approach is a bit non-traditional, that’s what is so great about it. Just think about how fun it would be to expect to hear “The Little Drummer Boy” but to be treated to a special serenade instead. I know that I’d chuckle and then instantly become putty in my honey’s hands. It’s hard to top something that creative.

Want something a bit more traditional but still special? I’ve seen many homemade ornaments in my time and especially love the clear or translucent ones that contain something on the inside. Dangle a piece of jewelry such as earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or even an engagement ring (big ornament) inside of an ornament. Hang this ornament from the tree. She’ll never think that her anniversary gift is hiding in plain sight!

Another good idea is to have your local florist attach the ornament to a ribbon and make a colorful bow around a vase of romantic anniversary flowers. Not only is it colorful and romantic, but it’s also unique and special. She’ll love it!

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