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December Newsletter Holiday Happiness

December is Here!

FSN is excited to bring you our latest newsletter, “Holiday Happiness,” and hope you enjoy. We also want to wish everyone a merry Christmas, happy holidays & a fabulous New Year!

December Favorite Arrangement

Favorite Flower Arrangement For December

This December, our favorite flower arrangement is Winter Wishes. A non-traditional design is perfect for those wanting a little fun in their holiday decor. It features everyone’s favorite flowers, red Gerbera daisies, along with shimmery silver ornaments that ring in the Christmas Spirit! With it’s bright red carnations and playful white snapdragons, this flower arrangement is perfect for all ages. Move over poinsettia, this fun holiday design is coming through!

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips10 Easy Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier ever year. If you haven’t already got your tree up, here are a few easy tips to make your Christmas tree look extraordinary.

  • 10 – ‘Fluff’ all of the limbs on your tree. If your tree is fake, take the time to ungroup all of the branches on every limb, try to fill in every hole. Yes it takes time, but it will make your fake tree look fuller, and more real-to-life.
  • 9 – Extra ‘fluff’ the bottom limbs. Don’t let your tree just cut off at the bottom, pull branches down with limbs pointing slightly upward to make it look rounded and natural.
  • 8 – Inside out. Add shiny, ‘filler’ ornaments to the inside first to make it look more full.

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Glitz & Glam: This Ain’t Your Momma’s Christmas Decor

Are you tired of the traditional red and green we see every year at this time? You’re not alone. Many people are opting for a more quirky Christmas look. This year, opt for the Glitz & Glam Christmas! For this outrageous look, channel your inner child and go wild and crazy when selecting your Christmas decorations and ornaments. Glitter, glitter, glitter!

Everything on your Glitz & Glam Christmas tree should be sparkly and youthful. This is a great look for anyone who wants something more fun and contemporary this Christmas.

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Shop Local This Holiday Season

Shop Local This Holiday Season

There’s been a real buzz this year about shopping LOCAL, and we couldn’t be happier! (In case you’re new to the blog: Flower Shop Network is a network of ALL local florists.) We just want to remind you of all the wonderful things florists have to offer during the holidays.

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Remember To Be Generous This Holiday

Be Generous This Holiday Season

Life seems to speed up during the holidays. Our extra time is devoted to decorating, shopping, gift wrapping, and we seldom think of much else. Well, we want to remind everyone to be generous during the holidays. There are so many out there who won’t be getting anything this year.

A Story of Holiday Generosity

One of my favorite memories of the season is actually from my high school years. There was a teacher who got a little, wrapped gift for every single student in the whole high school, from 7th to 12th grade. This teacher didn’t drive a fancy car, or wear fancy clothes, or live in a big fancy house. She was admittedly poor herself, but her heart wouldn’t.. no, couldn’t let a single kid go without receiving something for the holidays. The gifts she gave were nothing fancy either. You might get a pair of used wool socks (I did one year) or some little hand-me-down something from one of her kids, but we knew she gave all she could. She didn’t see the gift as the important part, but the act of giving and generosity was something she wanted those who knew her to focus on. Such a great message for the holidays; I will never forget you, Mrs. Lopez.

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Best of ChristmasFSN’s Top 10 Best of Christmas

We’ve written tons of Christmas articles over the years, here at Flower Shop Network. This season, we are bringing you are top 10 favorites! Need a little help getting into the holiday spirit this year? From card messages, debunked poinsettia myths and more — This article has it all!

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To prolong your poinsettia’s color, keep a temperature range of 60° for night and 72° for day. High humidity is preferable.
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