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Decorations Feeling Blah? Try A Colorful Border of Flowers

"Colorful Border" Easter Flowers

"Colorful Border" Easter Flowers

No, I’m not talking about those horrible hotel room wallpaper borders that reek of poor taste. This Colorful Border is actually a lovely basket of flowers. It caught my eye when I was looking for an appropriate Patriot’s Day bouquet. Believe it or not, there is a Patriot’s Day.

I ran across Patriot’s Day on my calendar (April 20th, 2009) and knew that I had to do something fun. Surrounding myself with red, white and blue flowers comes later in the year so I began looking for a festive spring arrangement with some of these colors. What I found stood out in a big way so I’ve decided to share it.

What are your plans for Patriot’s Day? Mine include sending myself a little gift just because I’m worth it. After all, the world would be a much better place if people appreciated themselves. After enjoying the blue iris, magenta gerbera daisies, pink larkspur, yellow cushion poms, lavender stock, and yellow tulips of the Colorful Border arrangement, I fully intend to spend a night with my family while reliving the moments that made our country so great. In fact, it was the original American patriots that made America happen. These brave people fought for their beliefs and instilled in their children an unmovable sense of patriotism. Having died for their country, it’s no wonder that even watching a movie about these soldiers is instantly moving.

Speaking of soldiers, we have many young men and women fighting overseas and here at home to preserve our right to express our patriotism. Let’s send flowers to them for Patriots Day and show our appreciation. Your soldier or friend in a war zone? Celebrate their bravery with their wife, girlfriend, parents or other loved ones waiting patiently here. Sending the Colorful Border arrangement of fresh flowers to my friend Christina (an airman’s wife) is just one of many ways that I will enjoy the holiday this year.

Have Patriot’s Day plans? Share them or other stories with us by logging in and commenting below.

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