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Where Can I Find Devil’s Trumpet Tree?

Ask the Expert: I can’t find where to order a Devil tree trumpet. It is a ruffled , purple & white plant Norma.

 Angel's Trumpet Ballerina Purple Datura metel

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Plant Expert Reply:

Your description sounds similar to the plant in the picture, but I’m not familiar with a plant called Devil’s Trumpet Tree.

However, the plant in the picture is call Angel’s trumpet. One man’s angel trumpet maybe another man’s devil’s trumpet. To me devil’s trumpet fits this plant better since it can be poisonous.  The botanical name for this plant is Datura metel.

It loves full sun and blooms late summer. It is perennial in zone 9 -12. Above zone 9 it must be planted as an annual. It can be started from seed or by vegetative reproduction.  It is rather easy to grow.  You need a moist soil that can keep the roots from becoming soggy. The seeds need to be plant in the spring.  You can order seeds online or find potted Datura at your local garden centers.

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  1. Andrea Dahlberg says:

    That is not an angel’s trumpet but a close relative, Datura is correct. Angel’s trumpet is Brugmansia. They are 2 different plants in the nightshade family. Angel’s trumpets are pendulous whereas datura are erect or upright facing flowers. Check out Brugmansia Grower’s International for more accurate information and great photos. Many hybridizers post photos of their newest plants and they have a great seed bank for members. FREE SEEDS! Awesome site!

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