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Draceana is the Name of Your Houseplant

Ask the Expert: I was wondering what the name of this plant was.
I was just wanting to know the name so I can find out how to care for it. Thanks Samantha

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Dracaena Up Close

Dracaena Up Close


  1. below20stwear says:

    I am looking for the same thing , I was given a plant that was very sickley , I have no idea what it is , but I have babied it and done just the minimum , but it seems to love it , I just don`t really have any clue what to do for it , because I have no idea what it is … Please help , what is this plant .

    Attached Image: Plant 1.jpg

  2. What you have is a red margined draceana. You can go to our red margined draceana page it has care instruction for it. You may have to scroll down the page to see them. Please keep me posted an let me know if you need any other information.

  3. below20stwear says:

    It states that they can be put together for a tree looking effect , which this is what has been done with this one , problem is , it will not stand on its own . It has 3 stalks coming out of the dirt , and they are no bigger then I would say a pencil size around , I placed a stick in there to hold them up. and they are growing all kinds of way , my question is , will the stalks get bigger enough to hold up the tops of the tree and if not , what do I do if anything to maybe train it to stand on its own . Thank you for your help.

  4. Each central stalk will become big enough to support the top. Using a stake to stabilize the plant is fine for now. If you want the plant to look like it has a tree trunk you will have to remove a few of the lower leaves. As for training it to stand upright the position of the light source will play a large part in this. The plant will tend to grow towards the light, so you will have to rotate the plant once a week to keep the stems straight. Keeping the proper water moisture will also help. If the plant is over-watered the stems will be weak. With proper lighting and water moisture, the plant will strength and the stems will grow stronger and straighter. Good luck and keep me posted.

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