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Know Someone Needing A Dramatic Gift?

They’ll flip when you send them a bouquet featuring lots of amaryllis.

So how did I get from dramatic to amaryllis? Easier than you’d think. The flower meaning of amaryllis is “dramatic”. Now while I wouldn’t recommend sending this to a drama queen as they may get offended and cause a storm of entertaining evenings, this is a really fun gift for someone who has been going through a rough or trying time and needs a pick me up.

The unique flower meaning of amaryllis also makes it easy to recognize that someone has been struggling to have an “even keel” day once in a while. Something always comes up or they never catch a break. I know plenty of people like that, my sweetheart and mother included. Both work their tails off to please and provide for other people with little gratitude in return. If I want them to know what I’m thinking, I’ll make sure amaryllis helps me say it.

Other flowers with special flower meanings that will go well with amaryllis are:

"Melody of Flowers" with Alstroemeria

"Melody of Flowers" with Alstroemeria

  • Pink carnations (gratitude)
  • Black-eyed Susan (encouragement)
  • Cosmos (peaceful)
  • Gardenia (joy)
  • Gladioulus (strength of character)
  • Lisianthus (calming)
  • Pansy (loving thoughts)
  • Star of Bethlehem (hope)
  • Pink tulip (caring)

There are many other flower meanings as you might have imagined. These are just some of the beautiful flowers that represent a special sentiment that will help cheer up your friend or loved one. A sweet card message mentioning their meaning will be a sweet reward for someone very deserving of positive attention. When you contact your local florist for a pick-me-up treat for your friend, ask about using flowers with special meanings for an extra special, meaningful bouquet.

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