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What To Do With 30 Year Old Dried Flowers

Ask The Expert: I have some dried pansies that my mom pressed between wax paper…..They have been that way for probably for 30 plus years. I would like to do something with them but am afraid they would crumble to nothing…..I thought about using them in scrapbooks and make some bookmarks for family…..
How do you think they will react to me taking off the wax paper?
All thoughts are welcome


Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: Vaye, It’s hard to say what will happen when you remove them from the wax paper. As long as they have been kept away from moisture, they should be fine and come out of the wax paper easily. Once they are out, they will be extremely fragile. Using them on anything that can bend, like bookmarks and scrapbook paper, may not be a good idea. If you put the flowers on a sturdy backing, such as cardboard, they may be okay. Make sure your scrapbook paper is acid-free.

Here are a few other ideas for using dried flowers:

  • Dried Flowers Under GlassFrame them. Make a pattern, or arrange them like a bouquet and place them in a frame under glass. This will protect and display them for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Make Jewelry. There are jewelry kits you can get to put small items under resin. You can easily place your pressed flowers into a charm and fill with resin for a lasting keepsake.
  • Home Decor. If resin peaks your interest, you can make all sorts of great home decor with kits. Make coasters, paperweights and more!
  • Candles. Melt wax to create new candles and press your dried flowers into the outside for a unique, decorative touch.
  • D├ęcoupage. Decoupage your flowers onto clear glass, such as vases or plates for a unique dried flower gift.

Hope this helps!


  1. Great! Found this quite enlightening. Looking forward for more inputs.

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