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Anthuriums & Succulents In New Colors To Dye For

Something Old, Something New…

While going through my emails, I found something NEW I just had to share! In GrowerTalks‘ newsletter, they talk about a European company that has developed a way to dye Anthuriums blue, much like the way they dye the new Blue Mystique orchids. It’s a complicated process, but the results are phenomenal!

Blue Anthurium

The Blue Anthurium

As you can see, the blue is bright and vivid. This new, blue anthurium is called Princess Alexia Blue and is from the Dutch company, Rijnplant. They also offer a yellow one called Princess Alexia Yellow. From their website (and after translating) Rijnplant explains, “The plant is as naturally painted as possible, the dye leaves via root pressure and the assimilative capacity of the leaf.While I couldn’t find this for sale to florists YET, it’s definitely something to keep an eye out for.

EcheveriaColored Succulents

Another cool dyed product to look out for is the colorful new Echeverias. According to GrowerTalks’ newsletter, “One trend that’s been going on [in Europe] for years and continues strong is painting and glittering echeveria. They were everywhere, in every color. Big sellers? Heck, yeah!”

Echeveria - Colored Succulents

The company featured in the newsletter is a Dutch company called EuroCactus. I was unable to find anywhere that sales these in the States, but again, watch out for this possible hot item. With succulents being so trendy this year, I could see this little dyed echeveria really taking off!

If you know where fellow florists might be able to purchase these products, let us all know in the comments below!

Image credit: GrowerTalks Magazine.



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