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Express Your Gratitude with Fall Flowers

Flowers And Thanksgiving – A Natural Pairing

Colorful Thanksgiving FlowersThanksgiving Day is the perfect time to brighten the season with fall flowers. The colors alone are enough to bring a smile to a loved one’s face or bring warmth to a cold November day with shades of red, gold, orange, brown and plum.

Flowers communicate in ways that other decorations can’t. They say that the day is blessed and the guests or recipients are valued. When you add the natural beauty and aroma of a fall flower arrangement to the aromas associated with Thanksgiving—roast turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and pumpkin pie—you can really make someone’s day.

At the very first Thanksgiving in December 1621, the Pilgrims thanked God for their bountiful harvest of crops and expressed gratitude to the Native Indians for their help in surviving their first year in America. Their feasting tables were laden with duck, turkey, venison, fish, clams, lobster, berries, watercress, dried fruit and plums.

Not only did the Pilgrims get to eat from their bounty, but their harvest also decorated their tables. Wheat stalks, pumpkins, squash, berries, plums, corn and sunflowers arrayed their tables like a kaleidoscope of autumn colors. The hearty flowers that grew back then no doubt were tucked into the bounty to bring splashes of color and beauty.

Flowers as a Hostess Gift

Fall Centerpiece With CandlesAs a guest at a Thanksgiving Day gathering, this day is a wonderful opportunity to express gratitude to your host, whether your parents, grandparents, aunt or friend. It is always impressive when guests are thoughtful enough to bring a hostess gift; like a bottle of wine, baked goods or gourmet coffee.

But when you arrive with a beautiful fall flower arrangement of mums, gerbera daisies and berries, that takes the cake. An arrangement can be as simple or as lavish as you want. You can choose several stems of fall flowers tucked in a decorative vase or a lavishly-wrapped flower bouquet; either will be well-received. Pairing seasonal fruits such as oranges, apples and pears with flowers makes an appealing combination. You not only show your appreciation for being part of the celebration when you bring a flower arrangement, but it is also a tangible expression of your gratitude for all to see.

Flowers to Enjoy Indoors and Outdoors

Potted chrysanthemums are a fall favorite for making your home come alive for the holidays. You can use them as an indoor decoration during the holidays; at an entryway, on a mantel or stairwell, then plant them outdoors to enjoy year-round. Potted mums, ornamental cabbage and curly twigs tied with raffia make festive decorations at doorways, mailboxes and on porches. Golden sunflowers and fall leaves make an inviting door wreath to welcome family and friends.

Bountiful Cornucopia You can also send these kinds of versatile flowers to loved ones you can’t be with at Thanksgiving. It’s a very thoughtful way to show appreciation to those you love. Flowers in bloom, whether indoors or outdoors, remind us of those special to us and shared memories with them.

Flowers provide that perfect, finishing touch as a centerpiece to a Thanksgiving table. Florists do so many creative arrangements with miniature pumpkins, gourds, flowers, grains, curly willow and calico (aka Indian) corn.

For a symbolic twist, flowers can be arranged in a cornucopia or “horn of plenty”, a horn shaped container which symbolizes the the meaning of Thanksgiving. It represents the overflowing abundance of the Earth’s harvest. Cornucopias are especially beautiful as Thanksgiving centerpieces with flowers, leaves and berries flowing from them.

Many times, holidays can be difficult for families who have lost a loved one. A flower centerpiece can be an especially beautiful reminder of those loved ones. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for families and friends to reminisce about times past, especially the funny memories to brighten the mood.

Flowers as Decorations

Contemporary Thanksgiving FlowersJust as important as the family feasting and prayers of thanksgiving is decorating for the season. Wreaths with fresh and dried flowers evoking the warmth of autumn and a spirit of gratitude for daily blessings are the decor of traditional choice.

In keeping with the Thanksgiving tradition, you can use fresh flowers, nuts, leaves and candles (in fragrances like Mom’s Apple Pie, Cinnamon Cider, and Candy Corn) to decorate fireplace mantels and entryways. Small places like guest bathrooms and kitchen windowsills are just right for miniature flower arrangements and a single votive candle. Don’t underestimate the impact a small vase of flowers will make in a bedroom, bathroom or a coffee table to make guests feel at home and welcome.

Whether you are an American celebrating on November 26th or a Canadian celebrating on October 12th, Thanksgiving Day is a holiday anticipated year after year. It’s a time to get together with family and friends, eat homemade comfort food, root for your favorite football team, take a long nap and relax from the everyday routine.

This holiday, in particular, reminds us of all the ways we are blessed and to give thanks for those blessings. It prompts us to say “thank you” to parents, siblings, grandparents and those who have been an influence in our lives.

There is no better time to express our gratitude to those we love (and who love us!) than Thanksgiving. Flowers are a simple and heartfelt way to do this, but their impact will last a lifetime.  Your local florist can help you express your gratitude this Thanksgiving with a custom designed flower arrangement.

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