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Father’s Day Game Plan

Every year, it’s easy to let Father’s Day sneak up on you. This year have a game plan! Think your mom is the only one in the house who would appreciate flowers? Guess again. While you might not think your dad would enjoy fresh-cut flowers, consider why he deserves a special gift from the heart. Flowers can express how you really feel.  We’ll help you select something that is perfect for dear old dad and show him that you don’t play favorites when it comes to your parents!

Pot o' SunflowersRubber PlantTropical TributeLilies and Reeds

Flower Suggestions For All Types of Dads

The Sports Fan
Does a limited edition jersey constitute dressing up for your dad? Ask your flower shop to represent his favorite team colors. Or start with some bright sunflowers and have the florist work in packaged sunflower seeds for a perfect pre-game snack. Don’t be surprised if he can’t stop singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

Great Outdoorsman
Whether it is fishing, hiking, or gardening, your father spends his time out in the elements. An arrangement that features some local flora is a great idea. Just ask your florist what is common in the area. Have earth-toned elements like tall cattails, marsh reeds, and unusual seed pods mixed in and this gift will have your dad dreaming of the sun, wind, and water he loves.

Mr. Golf
If “tee time” involves a bag of clubs for your pop, ask your florist if they have anything special for golf fanatics. Chances are they do. Golf inspired creations can be as simple as a design that works in some new tees to adding some fun color to a bucket of golf balls. This reminder at the office will immediately take dad right to that 18th hole.

Your dad is no nonsense. He works long hours, and likes things to be functional. A live plant is the perfect additions to his desk at home or in the office. Not only does it purify the air,  but studies show caring for houseplants can help counteract stress! This gift will become a friend and focal point during tough days that always find a hard-working father.

Hawaiian Style
Laid back and relaxed in his Aloha shirt, your daddy-o loves to chill. Then make the setting complete with some birds of paradise! These are the perfect flowers to launch his daydreams of ukuleles and hula girls. He’ll be so happy he might forget you made fun of his socks and sandals combo.

Memory Lane
Take some photos to a florist and they can build a handsome arrangement around great snapshots of you, your siblings, and kids. A fantastic group gift for dad and grandpa! Just think, he will finally be able to replace that shot of you from 3rd grade he keeps in his wallet.

Pick your strategy and order today! Sending flowers for Father’s Day is a great gift game plan. By taking the time to incorporate his interests, you’ll score big points with dad. He’ll be relieved not to have to add another tie to the rack and happy to know how much you care.

Always use a real local florist so you can be sure that your gift will be exactly what you were looking for!



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