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The Reason Why Everyone Deserves Valentine’s Day Flowers Is…

…”Because I Love You.”

"Because I Love You" Valentine's Day Flowers

"Because I Love You" Valentine's Day Flowers

While the guys finish groaning, most girls are warming up their hankies and breathing deeply to keep the tears at bay. Any lady that hears these words has forever bound a piece of her heart to the Romeo who spoke them.

Of course, Flower Shop Network knows how important it is to spend a happy Valentine’s Day with your special someone. Imagine walking in the door emptyhanded because you FORGOT what day it was. Bad idea! Of course, there are exceptions to the rule but I wouldn’t recommend testing to see if your sweetheart is one of more *ahem* forgiving kind.

Instead of a dreading the day, live up to it! You have a few weeks to prepare which is a few weeks to stop worrying about rushing to the store and fighting the crowds to find a Valentine’s Day gift in the picked-through selection. Don’t even bother getting out of your chair if it suits you. You can send the perfect message with the “Because I Love You” bouquet of flowers.

Time is of the essence. We know. That’s why we’ve made it simple. You can call your local florist, buy flowers online from the florist of your choice, or visit your florist and discuss gift details. Whichever you choose, FlowerShopNetwork.com has all of the information you need to contact your local florist.

When she opens her eyes and greets the morning sun that day, surprise her with a romantic bouquet of flowers like this one. When she asks why — and she will, despite knowing full well what day it is — your answer will invariably be “Because I Love You.”

Make this happen for you. Call, click or walk into your local flower shop today. With the recipe below, your Valentine’s Day flowers are as good as delivered.

“Because I Love You” Recipe For Florists:

  • Red Classic Urn Vase
  • Foliage: Eucalyptus, Lily Grass
  • Red Spray Roses
  • Red Mini Carnations
  • Stem White Daisy Poms
  • Stem Gypsophila

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