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Where Can I Find Joseph’s Coat Houseplant?

Ask the Expert: Joseph Coat of Many Colors ( Its a House Plant)
Looking for this plant Stella


The common name Joseph’s Coat has been used for many plants including both indoor and outdoor ones. I can think of two plant in particular that are commonly called Joseph’s Coat plants and can be used as houseplants.

Party Time Alternanthera

Party Time Alternanthera

The first is a garden plant called Alternanthera ficoidia which is the most popular Joseph’s Coat garden plant I know of other than Joseph’s Coat rose.  This plant has been successfully used as a houseplant as well. The picture shown was furnished by Ball Horticuture and is of an Alternanthera ficoidia ‘Party Time’. You can find this plant at  garden center/nurseries and even some florist shops (especially the ones that also have garden centers). It is fairly easy to grow and considered a low maintenance plant. There are other cultivars besides Party Time which are referred to as Joseph’s Coat.  When you ask for this plant ask for Alternanthera first then ask if it is sometimes called Joesph’s Coat.

Codiaeum variegatum pictum

Codiaeum variegatum pictum

The second plant is houseplant known as Codiaeum variegatum pictum commonly called known as Croton; but, also referred to as a Joseph’s Coat. The care is a little more tempermental but the color is very striking.  This houseplant is usually easy to find at your local florist.  The Croton’s colors are very vivid with leaves that vary in color from yellow to orange and from green to red.  This plant probably has the most appropraite coloration for the term Joseph’s Coat.

Hopefully one of these plants is what you are lokking for and your local florist or garden center will have one.  If these don’t fit your idea of a Joseph’s Coat plant, let me know and I will give you a few more suggestions. Please keep me posted


  1. I found one yesterday at Cornelius Nursery in Houston Texas for 4.99

  2. clair reffner says:

    The Joseph’s Coat plant I had years ago had much smaller leaves than your pictures show and the colors of the leaves were maroon green yellow and hints of other colors…..

  3. clair reffner- sounds alot like the plant I had, and trying to replace. If you ever find one again, please
    remember me. Thanks! Ruth Gamerdinger

  4. Kathy mccoy says:

    I am looking for the Joseph’s coat the pink and green house plans could you please help I live in Modesto California U

  5. Jamie Woods says:

    Hi Kathy,
    The pink and green Joseph’s coat is also called ‘Party Time’ Alternanthera. Check with your local garden center, nursery, or greenhouse. Sometimes florists will also carry them. You can find a florist in your area by clicking here.

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