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Five Cool Flowers For Summer

There are many awesome flowers that make great additions to summertime flower arrangements. When it comes to creating an exquisite display for my tables, centerpieces, gardens and other home décor uses, I look to these fabulous blooms for an extra splash of cool during the summer months.

Hydrangeas in full bloom are gorgeous additions to the home or garden. The blossoms of hydrangeas provide a very distinctive and soft scent that no nose can resist. Hydrangea potted plants accentuate patios, walkways, gardens, tables, and other nooks in the home. These colorful and buxom plants draw attention to ignored areas with their attractive size and shape. Hydrangea wedding bouquets are also popular as summer wedding flowers. The shapely blooms of hydrangea plants create full and vivacious wedding bouquets. At the wedding reception, the full-bodied shape of hydrangea centerpieces lend a sense of balance to larger tables. Adding depth and dimension to flower arrangements or gardens, hydrangeas are a colorful and attractive way to enjoy the fresh, full summer months.

Hydrangea potted plant.jpg Tame the heat with potted hydrangea plants.

Calla lilies are other summer flowers that enhance wedding bouquets. Calla lily bouquets are easily recognized as their distinctive and beautiful appearance make them one of the most popular summer wedding flowers. Calla lilies are especially suited to certain bouquet shapes. Brides everywhere look to calla lily wedding bouquets to enhance gorgeous, long wedding gowns. Whether dancing at a summer wedding or simply drawing more attention to a listless centerpiece, calla lilies are perfect summer flowers for bringing light, beauty, and grace to the atmosphere of your home.


Burnt-sienna-calla-lilies-arrangement.jpg Colorful trumpeted calla lilies beautify any bridal bouquet!

Lilies are excellent seasonal flowers. Summer months see the lily at its finest with use in bridal bouquets, home décor, gardening, or fresh flower arrangements delivered to loved ones. One of the most popular types of summer flowers is the stargazer lily. This easily recognizable flower is popular for its unparalleled ability to add beauty and color to fresh flower bouquets. The brilliant star-shaped pink and white bloom matches the intensity of the summer months but with intense distinction rather than intense heat. Stargazer lilies definitely make a bold statement regardless of how it is chosen for display.

Stargazer-lilies.jpg Stunning stargazer lilies make incredible summer wedding flowers!

The birth month flower of August is gladiolus which is another fabulous flower for summertime bouquets. These flowers bloom all summer and are very popular in all most special occasion arrangements during the warm summer months. Looking at gladiolus, with just the right amount of brilliant color, helps tone down the intense heat of the summer and brings a more appealing cool to whatever room I’m in.


Glorious Gladiolus zest up any table!

Of the many flowers in season in summer, liatris should always be counted among the most distinctive types of summer flowers. Liatris stands tall and proud in fresh flower arrangements, drawing definite attention to the height and beauty of the bouquets. The bright purple bottlebrushes of the liatris quickly enhance plain-jane tables or gardens with a pop of stunning color. Summer wedding centerpieces also benefit from the fun and fancy appeal of the tall, colorful flowers.

Liatrus.jpg Fragrant Garden Liatris and Daisy Arrangement.jpg Use liatris to add height to your fragrant garden!

There are so many uses for these great summer flowers. Personally, I look forward to seeing the large hydrangea bushes outside of my home each day. The blue-purple blooms never fail to attract my attention. Looking out of my window each morning, I greet the day with a smile as my hydrangea plants greet me with color. In the process of planning a summer wedding for a friend, I definitely cannot overlook the versatility of lilies in our bridal bouquets. My friend being a huge fan of stargazer lilies, I’m sure her summer wedding will be a hit. Bringing gorgeous flowers inside is a job I leave to the others in the home but we are never failed by the wonderful summer blooming flowers.

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