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Floral Industry Prepares for Hurricane Irma

With the approach of Hurricane Irma, the floral industry is bracing for a hit to one of the most important floral hubs in the industry: Miami. All flowers coming from South America are imported through Miami. Hurricane Irma is likely to shut down the airport for several days, but many wholesalers and florists are already preparing for the worst. After the airport re-opens, there will still be an issue with product being delivered to wholesalers by truck because there is no way to know how significant the damage from the storm will be. 

As reported in this article by the Society of American Florists, florists and wholesalers in the area have spent this week taking precautions and making preparations for these shortages. However, their first priority will be their employees and their families. During a significant natural disaster, it is important to keep these things in mind. Businesses will be unable to operate under normal circumstances due to the storm and evacuations. After the storm, they will most likely need time to rebuild, or repair, their shops and equipment. Even when they reopen for business, product may be limited and there may be shortages of other supplies such as fuel for delivery vehicles.

As we have seen with those affected by Hurricane Harvey, the floral industry is strong and works together to support one another in times of need. In the coming days, the members of the floral industry that are located in the path of Hurricane Irma will likely need that support. If you are a sending florist, remember that shops in the area will be affected and many are likely to close until the storm has passed.

Our thoughts and support go out to all those in the path of Hurricane Irma. For our florists in the area who need help regarding your orders or website, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service at 800.376.7363.


  1. We are praying now for all people and all floral industry

  2. Such a terrible thing for all these people living in the path of these hurricanes, my prayers go out to everyone in there paths. God bless all of You!

  3. Prayers to all those involved. Hopefully things are coming back together.

  4. Patricia Hawks says:

    After the wind and rain, there will always be a rainbow and we believe the flowers will still have a bright color after the wind and rain.

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