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Floral Trends: Enhancing Wellness

As interior designer Kelli Ellis puts it, “with so many sources of stress these days, we all need to find ways to chase away worries and blues at home.” This is where fresh flowers come into play! They are gorgeous to see and instantly uplift our mood. So, if you want to elevate the energy and feel of your sacred space (home), get you some flowers!

Soothing Flowers

Research shows that seeing flowers first thing in the morning gives people an extra boost of energy. Keeping fresh flowers in quiet spaces at home such as the bedroom can also soothe negativity and foster positivity. The possibilities truly are endless with the variety of fresh flowers available year round. If you have questions regarding the availability of specific blooms, be sure to contact your local florist.

There are no colors like blue and violet when it comes to bringing zen into quiet spaces at home, or even at the office. There are so many factors today that contribute to stress and even lack of sleep. This is why having colors around you that make us feel comfortable is a must! For example, blues that remind you of the sky are the best for reducing stress. Incorporating the color violet into floral pieces or decor brings a sense of peace and wisdom into the room. Also, it represents strength and spirituality, making it perfect for creating a space that is easy to meditate in or to simply soothe whatever negative emotion you may be feeling at the moment. Want to bring some peace and zen into your home? Call your local florist today!
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