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Even Florists Need Inspiration

Re-energize Your Life, Business and Relationships

Ever have a day when life feels like a concrete block attached to your leg? For most of us, this feeling occurs not just once, but several times through-out life.

Gift of Flowers QuoteFlowers often help me defeat this overwhelming and unproductive feeling. While there are other things that can restore my energy and positive outlook, flowers just seem to be my go-to. I know I can turn to Judith, my local florist, for a pick-me-up anytime I need to re-engerize my life. I am not the only one who turns to their local florist for inspiration, motivation or restoration.

Florists Are More Than Designers

When you think about it, florists are not just designers, they are inspirationalists. Their creations can, and are used to help people enjoy life and be successful. After all, success in life comes from good perspective and positive attitude.

Re-energizing At FSN

So, why all the talk about inspiration, motivation and re-energizing your life? Recently, all Flower Shop Network employees had the great opportunity to meet Jim Morack, as he shared his wonderful insights about life. His friendly disposition, combined with an uncomplicated approach, created a very stirring sense of revitalized energy for everyone at Flower Shop Network.

Jim Morack’s Tips For Revitalizing Life

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, florists may find themselves overwhelmed and frustrated. Meeting Jim, attending his seminar and reading his book, “Learning From Life – Simple Ideas To Add More Joy To Your Life,” gave me the spark I needed to refocus and revitalize my life. I wanted to share a few of the take-a-ways that gave me an “AHA” moment. Hopefully, you will gain some insight that will motivate and assist you in achieving everything you want, both personally and professionally.

  • We often let day-to-day activities consume us, getting in the way of fulfilling our hopes, dreams, desires and goals. To achieve your goals you must first believe in them. Visualizing the success of your goal can and will strengthen the realization that your goal is attainable. Without a finish-line, the race will be unbearable.
  • No man is an island unto himself: no goal can be realized without the contribution of others. You must build a strong connection with people; whether it’s with family, co-workers, customers or business partners, all are necessary for your success.
  • Goals are not dependent on job titles. Every member of your company is involved in sales and customer service. Teach yourself and lead employees with the attitude “There are no problems only opportunities”.
  • You are the only thing keeping you from accomplishing your goals. You are always one good decision away from achieving any goal. Your attitude is what drives your success.

Florist Marketing Quotes

None of the tidbits above are earth-shattering or breaking news, but sometimes we need a reminder to get us back on track. So as you work to inspire and motivate others with your designs, don’t forget to find time to recharge your own batteries.

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