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Facebook Fun: Flower Arrangement of the Week!

Jerry's Floral - First Arrangement of the Week!We are very excited to start a new fun feature of our Facebook page. We know how much florists and flower lovers enjoy visiting our Facebook page for inspiration and ideas, and to encourage this, we are beginning a new weekly feature — Flower Arrangement of the Week!

For the new Flower Arrangement of the Week feature, we are asking our florist friends to share the favorite designs they’ve created during that week on our Facebook Page.

Every Monday, we will pick one of the photos to use as FSN’s new profile picture! The flower shop that created the design will be credited in the picture and a link to their website will be included in the caption.

Choosing the Weekly Feature

Although it technically is a sort of contest, I just want this to be a fun little feature of our page that everyone can get involved with. We at FSN want to showcase designs from all across the country, and show our visitors who aren’t florists the wide variety of designs available. Not only that, we are excited to have our wall covered in beautiful flower pictures from REAL florists and think everyone would enjoy this as well.

  • Any and all flower arrangement styles are welcome: everyday, funeral, events, etc.
  • We would really prefer arrangements made from the week prior, although any recently made flower arrangement pictures are fine.
  • We mostly want to keep with the feel of the season. You wouldn’t want to see a Thanksgiving cornucopia picture chosen in the middle of the summer. Remember, you want non-florists to see whats available to them right now, and hopefully be inspired enough to contact their local florist!

Fun For Everyone!

We want this new feature to be lots of fun for everyone, and hope the idea of seeing a new arrangements from fellow florists every week will be inspiring. We would also love your input and suggestions. How do you think we could make this even more fun? Let us know in the comments below, or email me at social@flowershopnetwork.com.

If you don’t keep up with our Facebook, (and just why not?!) we are already a virtual hub of florist activity. We are constantly sharing articles either just for florists, or ones great for florists to share with their customers. We also have a weekly feature, Monday’s Florist One-Liners. These are easy lines florists can use in their weekly promoting for things like, status updates, email subjects, even outdoor or window signage.



  1. FACEBOOK PHOTO OF THE WEEK (photo attached)

    Attached Image: pretty pink posy patch.jpg

  2. Fresh diasies in a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted wine glass make a FUN gift for anyone. We can even personalize them!

    Attached Image: More pics for facebook 020.jpg

  3. Yes I love all the pictures you put on facebook so we can all enjoy them…Beautiful flowers and all…but I also like to see their shop in the background. Gives me ideas of what I can also do in my shop…Thanks a bunch…Gotta Love It…

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