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Flower Pictures Of Amaryllis’s

Basic Amaryllis Flower Information

Common Amaryllis Names

Scientific Name
Genus species Hippeastrum
Family Amaryllidaceae

History of Amaryllis
Since Victorian times, a special meaning has been attached to flowers. Amaryllis blooms are huge, trumpet-shaped flowers clustered atop stately long, leafless stems. This flowers are traditionally sold during the winter holidays – both as cut flowers and packaged in potted bulb kits.

Amaryllis Flower Meaning
Pride, pastoral poetry, radiant beauty.

Astrological Flowers
Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 9)

Birth Month Flower

Floral Design Qualities For Amaryllis

Type of Use: Flower

Form: Mass/Form

Fragrance: N/A

Line: N/A

Silhouette: Branched/Head

Blossom Texture: Satin

Stem Size: 14-28”

Blossom Size: 4-6”

Storage Temperature: Between 42°-50°F. If blooms are needed quickly, store at room temperature to encourage opening.

Ethylene Sensitive: Yes

Vase Life: 7-14 Days

Amaryllis Design Uses
A diverse flower suitable for traditional arrangements or for wedding flowers.An amaryllis stem is striking when used alone or in a vegetative design.

Special Prep For Amaryllis
Anthers can be removed to prevent discoloration from the pollen. Place in shallow water to minimize cracking and curling of the stem ends. You can insert hyacinth sticks or similar for support when working with foam. You can also wrap them in waterproof tape to stop the curling.

Amaryllis Flower Colors
Reds, oranges, reds/purples, whites/ivories

Blooming Season
Winter, Fall.

General Flower Availability
Summer, Fall, Winter.

Wedding Flower Availability
Summer, Fall, Winter.