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Flower Pictures of Daffodils

Basic Daffodil Flower Information

Common Names
Daffodil, narcissus, jonquil, Lent lily, Easter bells

Scientific Name
Genus species Narcissus hybrid
Family Amaryllidaceae

There are two legends of note about the origins of the daffodil, each being very different. It seems this flower has different meanings for different cultures of the world. For the West, it’s vanity, and the East it means fortune and prosperity.

The first legend is one you might be familiar with: it begins with a young Greek boy named Narcissus who was completely obsessed with himself and his beauty. (As you might have guessed, this is where we get the concept of narcissism.) One day, the boy found a small pond where he was able to see his reflection; he was so completely engrossed with himself he refused to leave and died of starvation. The gods turned the boy’s remains into the first “Narcissus” flower and that is the origin of the lovely flower we see today.

The second legend comes from Chinese culture and is a little more positive. It is said that a poor but good man was given cups of gold every morning from this flower.

I also found a story about two brothers who were given land from their dying father. One brother seized the good, hardy land; the other got the rocky leftovers. The poor brother found the beautiful daffodil flower on his land and begin to cultivate it. The bulbs did very well and brought him fortune. The evil brother was jealous and bought as many bulbs as he could to cash in on his brothers fortune. The greedy brother’s bulbs ended up dying and the good brother was able to buy back his father’s land.

Daffodil Flower Meaning
Regard, unrequited love, you’re the only one, chivalry, affection returned, sympathy, desire, love me,  the sun is always shining when I’m with you.

Astrological Flowers
Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)
Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Floral Design Qualities For Daffodils

Type Of Use: Flower

Form: Mass/ Form

Fragrance: Mild

Line: N/A

Silhouette: Trumpet /Pinwheel

Blossom Texture: Satin

Ethylene Sensitive: Yes

Stem Size: 8″ – 14”

Blossom Size: 1″ – 3”

Vase Life: 3 – 6 Days

Special Prep: Daffodils secrete a slimy substance that can be harmful to other flowers. Place them in a separate container of water for 6-8 hours before being arranged to remove this sap. After this process, they are safe to use with other flowers, even if you cut them again.

Daffodil Design Uses
Daffodils are attractive in bouquets by themselves or mixed spring arrangements. Use daffodil bulb and all, if possible, to extend the life of this flower.

Daffodil Flower Colors
Yellows, white, orange, peach and creams.

Blooming Seasons
Late winter, spring.

General Flower Availability
Winter, spring

Wedding Flower Availability
Winter, spring.