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Flower Displays Using Color Blocking Technique

Ask the Expert: I have been told that color blocking for flowers is an excellent way to
display assortment of flower please reply   Tari Hendrie


Color blocking is an excellent flower display strategy. It is especially helpful when you are creating venues in your store. Color blocking is a technique in which a mass quantity of color is used to create a dramatic or eye catching effect. This is a creative, yet simple, way to display cut fresh flowers, blooming plants or bedding plants. It is, also, a flexible and versatile way to display an assortment of flowers. You can create beautiful flower displays by grouping flowers of the same color with different size blooms and textures. The intense concentration of color will draw attention to the flowers while the assorted textures will create depth and interest. Grouping buckets of gerberas, gladiolus, roses and lilies (all some shade of orange) around a grouping of cobalt blue vases or glazed pottery will create a display that will draw the customers to, both, the flowers and the containers.

Another form of color blocking is to create a display of color bands. This involves using multiple flower color groupings side by side; grouping either complimentary or contrasting colors together depending on the effect you desire. While giving them a “wow” factor that entices them to select more flowers, this type of flower display shows customers how colors relate to each other.


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