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Flower Meanings For Expectant Mothers & New Arrivals

This may sound strange to some, but I recently struggled alongside a friend who was having difficulty conceiving. She and her husband had anticipated children since the early stages of their relationship. However, her age and medical history made it a troublesome ordeal.

"Grace Under Pressure" Pink Roses Bouquet

"Grace Under Pressure" Pink Roses Bouquet

It’s hard to watch a close friend go through something like that. I wanted to help her so we would stay up late talking and praying about the situation. One day she called me in tears because the stress finally became overwhelming. I racked my brain for some way to console her when it finally hit me.

I called up June, my local florist, and discussed an arrangement specifically for my friend. I relied on my guide of flower meanings (I use the FSN flower meanings reference) and found the perfect flowers to express what I wanted to say to her but couldn’t.

Though some of these were out of season, I discussed many flowers with my florist including apple blossom, azalea, peony, Queen Anne’s lace, pink roses, Star of Bethlehem, stephanotis, pink tulips, violets, and yarrow.

I chose apple blossom because it means “promise” and through many nights of prayer we were reminded of the Biblical story of Abraham and Sarah who also struggled with bearing a child. They were promised abundance and were blessed so I wanted apple blossom for encouragement. Azalea means “abundance” so this also seemed fitting of the promise.

I chose the rest of the flowers based on their significance in her life, particularly her struggle with medical issues and a need for peace of mind. The flower meanings of the rest discussed with June are:

  • Peony “Healing”
  • Queen Anne’s Lace “Delicate Femininity”
  • Pink Roses “Friendship”
  • Star of Bethlehem “Hope”
  • Stephanotis “Good Luck”
  • Pink Tulips “Caring”
  • Violets (specifically blue violets)  “Faithfulness”
  • Yarrow “Good Health”

And a year later a child arrived…

The flower bouquet had raised her spirits so much that I decided to send a new baby bouquet when her son was born. I again turned to the flower meanings guide and consulted my local florist, June, about using these flowers:

"Welcome Baby Boy" Bouquet With Statice

"Welcome Baby Boy" Bouquet With Statice

  • Aster “Contentment”
  • Bronze Chrysanthemums “Excitement”
  • Daisies “Innocence”
  • Gardenia “Joy”
  • Gladiolus “Strength of Character”
  • Hibiscus “Delicate Beauty”
  • Hydrangea “Perseverance”
  • Orchid “Love, Chinese Symbol For Many Children”
  • White Roses “Purity”
  • Statice “Success”
  • Violet (blue violets) “Faithfulness”

If you’re dealing with similar issues, consider discussing a bouquet that features these flowers. Bouquets with specific flower meanings are always a charming, calming gift for those faced with a difficult problem.

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